2020 Aluminum Alloy Sorting Guide

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The latest breakthrough from SciAps: Fast aluminum alloy sorting

Sort aluminum fast! Ten years ago, basic sorting was the only option with handheld analyzers. Today, with the advent of high-performance X-ray detectors and laser-based units, fine sorting aluminum alloys in a few seconds is a reality. SciAps XRF units measure Mg and Si up to 10x faster than other guns so that operators can do fine sorting within a few seconds, rather than 30+ seconds, increasing accuracy and throughput.

Learn more with the 2020 Aluminum Alloy Sorting Guide.

Give our X-ray and laser guns a shot for your scrap processing

Laser and X-ray analyzers designed, built and supported by people with 20+ years experience in the scrap sorting industry.

XSeries X-550X-550: Ultimate alloy X-ray gun

Meet the best X-ray gun ever made for scrap metal sorting. At 2.75 lbs., it’s the lightest weight analyzer ever created, in a mostly metal frame for ultimate durability and duty cycle. Perfectly balanced and lightning fast – as in 1-2 seconds – you can sort material all day long without fatigue. The narrow, slender form factor accesses the toughest test locations, with the latest 2.7″ (68.6mm) display for rear viewing of grade and chemistry in all lighting conditions.

Z-9: The world’s only Dual-Burn LIBS

With the Z, you can always sort materials with air-burn. If you need more precision, simply insert an argon canister, switch to the “Alloy Argon Purge” App and keep testing. Dual Burn is available at time of purchase or as an upgrade

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