LIBS Tests

rickpick LIBS, NDT/PMI

New Handheld for Carbon, CE in Steels and Carbon in L-grade Stainless Measuring Carbon as Part of Residuals in HF Alkylation Units API Recommended Practice 578 (3rd Edition) now recognizes a new handheld technology, laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), for ...


rickpick LIBS, NDT/PMI

Breakthrough Technology for Measuring Carbon and Carbon Equivalents For those who need to measure carbon in steels, there’s now a handheld analyzer for the job. Where operators previously either used spark OES technology—which required substantial operator expertise—or hired a third-party testing ...
In-field Analysis of Lithium with Z-300

In-field Analysis of Lithium

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Field successes and testimonials keep rolling in for the Z-300. Meet the Z-300 – the world’s only handheld that analyzes lithium in soils, ores and brines. The Z also measures other low atomic number elements that X-ray can’t, including Be, …

SciAps Z

Handheld LIBS Applications Continue Rapid Expansion


University researchers continue to find novel applications for the SciAps handheld LIBS. The SciAps Z is the world’s most advanced handheld LIBS device. The Z features a wide range spectrometer (190 nm – 950 nm), gate-able spectrometer, and integrated argon …