X-550 XRF Analyzer Gun rear 3 qtr

SciAps Debuts Next Generation PMI Gun

Karen Marzloff NDT/PMI, News & Press, XRF

Non-destructive testing industry professionals had their wish list for a better handheld X-ray gun, and SciAps delivered. The SciAps X-550 is a premium product with everything the NDT industry needs.  It’s lightweight at just 2.8 lbs.—with the battery—which makes it ...

LIBS Tests

rickpick LIBS, NDT/PMI

New Handheld for Carbon, CE in Steels and Carbon in L-grade Stainless Measuring Carbon as Part of Residuals in HF Alkylation Units API Recommended Practice 578 (3rd Edition) now recognizes a new handheld technology, laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), for ...


rickpick LIBS, NDT/PMI

Breakthrough Technology for Measuring Carbon and Carbon Equivalents For those who need to measure carbon in steels, there’s now a handheld analyzer for the job. Where operators previously either used spark OES technology—which required substantial operator expertise—or hired a third-party testing ...
New PMI ONE BOX Options

New PMI ONE BOX Options


Now SciAps offers attractive packages combining our award-winning carbon analyzer, the Z, and our X-ray gun. With these packages you can PMI every alloy you’ll ever need for your program or clients. There are two packages to choose from: The …