Fast, light and accurate

SciAps handheld X-ray analyzers offer ultimate connectivity, test data management and reporting for a range of EEE testing applications, including RoHS and halogen-free compliance.

Meet global regulations for hazardous substances:

  • Fast, precise analysis of RoHS elements Pb, Cd, Br, total Cr and Hg, plus Cl for halogen-free requirements.
  • The high-powered X-ray tube in all the SciAps XRF analyzers provides superior limits of detection for cadmium (Cd) from the 50 kV beam, to chlorine (Cl) from the high tube current.
  • Automatic sample recognition (alloy, polymer-type, or mixed) and automatic switch to the correct calibration model.


Now Available

Ultimate X-ray Analysis

SciAps X-550


Classic SDD

Performance and Value


PiN diode technology

Great Basic Analysis

At 2.75 lbs., it’s the lightest weight analyzer ever created, in a mostly metal frame for ultimate durability and duty cycle. Perfectly balanced and lightning fast – as in 1-2 seconds – you can test material all day long without fatigue. The narrow, slender form factor accesses the toughest test locations, with the latest 2.7″ (68.6mm) display for rear viewing of grade and chemistry.

Competitively priced for every performance requirement, this platform weighs about 3.4 lbs, making it about 0.5 lbs heavier than the X-550 platform, but still with industry leading speed and precision. Updated for improved heat dissipation, reduced weight, new user-interface. All internal electronics now use less power and operate at higher temperatures—no drift or shutdown.

A great value for basic analysis, PiN technology can process about 10x lower X-ray count rates than silicon drift detectors, resulting in a 3x reduction of precision. However, for many RoHS/WEEE applications, the performance is satisfactory and the X-50 is available at a lower price point. The X-50 includes the same advanced X-ray tube as other X models (operating at 50 kV max.), integrated camera, video, and the Android OS platform.

RoHS, REACH, WEEE, and Halogen-free testing with SciAps XRF

Obtain results in seconds anywhere. No need to send samples to laboratories to get compliance results, saving you time and money. 

Portable X-ray fluorescence or handheld XRF analyzers are used for screening and verification of the restricted metals. The SciAps handheld X-550 analyzer is optimized for analysis of Pb, Hg, Cd, Cr, and other toxic elements in metals, plastic, and mixed materials to meet stringent regulations on permissible levels.

And all SciAps ROHS analyzers can be further equipped with alloy testing app, mining app, and/or environmental soil, precious metals, car catalysts or empirical software apps.

This page was updated on September 1st, 2020