SciAps cloud data solution — first look

February 26, 2021

XRF and carbon data? SciAps has your cloud solution

You use XRF for metals in alloys, because it’s the best technology for most PMI. But what about carbon? Adding test results can be a challenge. Two analyzers? Two reports? Too much cutting and pasting? Not with the SciAps Cloud.

Don and Katerina demonstrate the ease and utility of SciAps new cloud software. Automatically merge XRF and LIBS tests with unlimited data cloud storage—when you need carbon, there's no faster way to get from the field to the final report.

Features that will transform your business:

  • Combine metals data from XRF with carbon data from LIBS when you need L-grade or H-grade, CE, or residuals.
  • Merge results in one report, with results displayed for specific parameters like carbon equivalents.
  • Unlink test results from a bad test and link to the correct test easily.
  • Create pass/fail criteria with color-coded results.
  • Quickly generate PDF or Excel reports and spreadsheets for print or email.
  • View testing in real-time using WiFi or hotspot—perfect for remote testing areas.

Easily manage your operation from anywhere.

SciAps Cloud Data Merge_LIBS XRF

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