SciAps NDT demo and training program - new!

March 23, 2020

Trade shows are cancelled, travel is discouraged, visitors are banned...

But Material Verification must go on!

SciAps is pleased to offer a health-friendly way to continue your material verification program.

Announcing SciAps new remote demo and training program.

Demo it via the web. Buy it now. Train via the web.

Here’s the deal:

  1. Contact us: Book a web-based demonstration of our industry-leading handheld analyzer for carbon, carbon equivalents, residuals, and general alloy PMI, reliable across a wide range of applications. Feel free to send us some of your materials ahead of time, and we’ll test those live, too. Really put the analyzer to the test.
  2. Tune in live: Multiple employees welcome. You'll see the analyzer verify real world materials, in real time. NDT and analyzer experts will be there to answer your questions.
  3. Web-based training. If you purchase the analyzer and travel restrictions are still in effect, we’ll provide you with web-based start-up training and ongoing support. When the restrictions are lifted, we’ll visit you in person to make sure everyone’s thoroughly trained.

SciAps Z-200 C+

  • Handheld for carbon in steels
  • L, H-grade stainless
  • Carbon equivalents in steels
  • Residuals

SciAps X-550

  • The X-ray gun designed for PMI/NDT
  • Lightest weight, fastest XRF ever made
  • Perfect ergonomics for PMI

Check out these demo videos of the Z-200 C+ for carbon and the NEW X-550 X-ray gun.

PMI, NDT and basic alloy quality control

Qualifying low residual materials for API 751:

Carbon equivalent values for weldability in steel, including pipeline applications

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