SciAps scrap demo and training program - new!

March 19, 2020

No ISRI scrap convention?!

You can’t go to ISRI and you can’t get an on-site demo. But you still have metal to sort. Now what?

Announcing SciAps new remote demo and training program.

Demo it via the web. Buy it now. Train via the web SciAps wants to show you our ultra-modern new X-ray gun and our “No Argon” LIBS unit that’s been an enthusiastically received replacement of the discontinued TSI Chemlite units. While we can’t visit you at this time, we have a plan to show you the analyzers and train your operators. Because after all, metal sorting must go on.

Buy it now, train online now.

When travel resumes, we're ready to make in-person visits available again!

Here’s the deal:

  1. Contact us to schedule a web-based demo of our X-ray and LIBS guns. Multiple employees can join from virtually any device—PCs, laptops, tablets or smartphones.
  2. We’ll show you the analyzer on real world materials, in real time. Feel free to send us some of your materials before the web demo and we’ll test those live too. Really put the analyzer through the test.
  3. Like what you see? Order an analyzer, we’ll ship it straight away. If the health crisis hasn’t subsided, we’ll train your operators via the web as well. When we’re all cleared for travel and visitors we’d welcome the opportunity to meet you in person!

Check out these new demo videos of the X-550 X-ray gun and Z-50 "no argon" LIBS gun

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