New PMI ONE BOX Options

New PMI ONE BOX Options


Now SciAps offers attractive packages combining our award-winning carbon analyzer, the Z, and our X-ray gun. With these packages you can PMI every alloy you’ll ever need for your program or clients.

New PMI ONE BOX Options

There are two packages to choose from:

Z-200 C+ and X-50

The Carbon-50 Package

What it does:
The Carbon-50 Package combines the Z-200 C+ carbon analyzer with our classic X-50 X-ray gun. The Z-200 C+ measures carbon content in stainless and in steels, plus silicon and about 12 other elements including those critical for a variety of carbon equivalent (CE) calculations. The X-50 uses PiN diode technology, and analyzes your low alloy steels, Cr/Mo steels, stainless, nickel, titanium and other high temp alloys.

Use the Z for carbon, carbon equivalents, residuals in steel, stainless including L and H grade differentiation. Also accepted by major refineries for low Si measurements for sulfidic corrosion applications. Use the X-50 for nickels, cobalts, titaniums or other specialty alloys.

What it won’t do:
P and S (phosphorus and sulfur). Neither the Z nor the X-50 will analyze P and S.

Z-200 C+ and X-250

The Carbon-250 Package

What it does:
The Carbon-250 Package combines our unique X-250 X-ray gun with the Z-200 C+ carbon analyzer. This package delivers the P and S capability missing from the Carbon-50 Package. The X-250 analyzes S, P, Mg, Al, and Si in addition to the usual suite of transition and heavy metals. It uses the latest silicon drift detector technology plus the world’s most advanced X-ray tube, operating at 3X higher power for analyzing P, S, Al, Si and Mg. The combination of tube power and drift detector yield excellent performance for P and S in steels, as well as the suite of low-atomic number elements Al, Si and Mg for other alloy bases.

X-ray vs. Laser – What’s the Deal?

The Z-200 C+ is the only handheld analyzer in the world that measures carbon (and other low atomic number elements like lithium, boron, beryllium). The Z can be calibrated for all the major alloy bases and alloying elements, allowing the use of a single analyzer for all your PMI work. That said, today’s XRF guns offer outstanding performance on transition and heavy metals. These are the sweet-spot for X-ray guns. The LIBS technique is simply not as precise on transition and heavy metals as X-ray.

Many inspectors revert to X-ray guns to PMI their stainless, nickel, Cr/Mo steels and other high temp alloys. If they need to verify L-grade or H-grade, they use the Z. Or, for carbon equivalents or residuals, they’ll use the Z. Residuals are a great application because the Z will measure C, Cr, Ni and Cu allowing the use of just Cr + Ni if carbon is < 0.15%. With the SciAps ONE BOX, you’ll have the complete set of tools for the most efficient, comprehensive PMI program on the plant. More about Carbon Testing with the Z.

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