Analyze Any Element On The Planet.

SciAps specializes in portable analytical instruments with the power to measure any element across every major industry.

Used by the world's best

Two Powerful Technologies

Our industry-leading X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and laser-based (LIBS) analyzers
are at work across every major industry.

The Z-Series

Harnessing the power of LIBS: Handheld Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (HH LIBS), the Z is the ONLY high-precision laser-based gun for sophisticated analysis of ultra-low elemental concentrations in alloys, ores, brines and powders, to basic material or scrap sorting.

The X-Series

Harnessing the power of X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy (XRF), the X is the world’s lightest, smallest, fastest high-precision family of X-ray guns. Weighing barely 3 lbs., they’re lightning fast, and can be used all day long without fatigue.

Get Both Analyzers With ONEBOX

Both the Z and X handheld analyzers run on the same software platform, operating system, have the same user interface,  same battery, and same charger making training and operation a breeze. Get them both when you purchase the ONEBOX package.

Industries We Serve

Our industry-leading handheld analyzers are at work across every major industry.

Electric Vehicles & Strategic Metals

SciAps built the new family of handheld LIBS and XRF analyzers for the electric vehicle and strategic metals markets. Ideal for exploration, production and recycling of lithium and REEs.

Scrap Metal & Alloys

LIBS and XRF analyzers designed, built and supported by people with 20+ years experience in the scrap sorting industry.


Our LIBS and XRF have revolutionized the world of NDT and PMI with their carbon testing capability (LIBS only), size, speed, connectivity, test data management and reporting, and range of testing applications.


Get the entire picture for research, exploration, grade control, block modeling, process optimization, and more using the SciAps XRF and LIBS analyzers.

Food & Agriculture

Soil organic carbon (SOC) can now be measured rapidly and accurately with SciAps handheld LIBS, without the need for spectral soil libraries, chemical pre-treatment, or lab conditions.

Academic & Scientific

Handheld LIBS and XRF analyzers for materials science, chemistry, geological and ocean sciences, physics, archeology and more!


In-field analysis for all RCRA and EPA Priority Pollutant Metals, and now the best lead paint analyzer ever made!

RoHS Market

Next-generation connectivity, test data management and reporting for the full range of compliance testing applications, including RoHS,  Halogen Free, CPSIA,  and lead paint in children’s playgrounds.

Recycling of Catalytic Converters (CAR Cats)

Efficient and accurate measurements of Pt, Pd, and Rh for recycling catalytic converters with SciAps
Service and Calibration Program

Innovating the Service Experience

SciAps' staff has been designing, selling, and servicing field-worthy handheld elemental analyzers for more than 20 years. We know the stats, the actual costs, and the value of customer loyalty. Whether you need a yearly program to meet company procedures or have a unique project requirement, we provide the correct program at a fair price.

SciAps handheld XRF and LIBS Service and Calibration Program saves money on annual calibration costs, parts, labor, shipping, and more.

Simplified RMA process with repair and return prioritization at no additional cost.

Multi-point inspection of analyzer and thorough quality check of all calibrations.

Software and firmware updates, even updates that require a full re-calibration, so you never have to think about running an update.

Higher frequency status updates, with a dedicated support line.

Rental Program

Rent Our Handheld Analyzers When and Where You Need Them

Both the Z-Series and X-Series analyzers are now available for rental. Whether you’re heading out on a job for a couple of weeks or several months, SciAps fast, light, and accurate instruments will help you make the most of your time.

Featured News

Check out the latest news and insights.

SciAps is giving away alloy analyzers at ISRI golf outings

SciAps is giving away premier X-550 XRF alloy analyzers! Don't miss your chance at a SciAps-sponsored golf event. At designated events, score a hole-in-one, and win a brand new SciAps X-ray gun. Or get closest-to-the-pin, and win your company name on our NASCAR for an upcoming race.

Targeted Micro Analysis (TMA) using Handheld LIBS

The SciAps Z-900 Series offers unique capabilities that no other handheld instrument can offer. One key advantage of the SciAps Z-900 Series LIBS is the ability to perform Targeted Micro Analysis (TMA). TMA offers the ultimate quality control tool for various forms of screening in all industries.

Chilean police bring out the big guns, aka SciAps X-550

SciAps X-550 was used in an investigation with the Chilean Investigations Police (PDI). They used the handheld XRF to recover an important patrimonial article that was stolen in 2015 from the Reliquary of the Holy Cross, an El Sagrario parish in the Plaza de Armas of Santiago.

Join us at ISRI 2023

Are you ready to bid, race, and win with SciAps at ISRI 2023? Our NASCAR racing team and our approach to innovation are the same — go fast and take chances! SciAps is proud to support ISRI 2023 for our 10-year anniversary!

TechBullion interviews Don Sackett about innovative lithium brines analyzer

TechBullion, a London Based Financial Technology News Website, focusing on Global Fintech News and Market, interviewed SciAps CEO and Cofounder, Don Sackett about the first, portable, LIBS-powered lithium brines analyzer, the Z-9 Liquidator.

Looking for lithium in all the wrong places?

Get rapid, in-field analysis with SciAps Z-9 Liquidator +Z-903 LIBS system SciAps is proud to announce the first portable LIBS-powered lithium brines analyzer, the Z-9 Liquidator. When combined with the Z-903 LIBS handheld analyzer, the Z-9 Liquidator test station provides fast and easy analysis of brines in the field, plant, or lab.

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