Simply the best lead paint analyzer ever made

No radioactive sources, no isotope replacement.

X-550 Pb Analyzer

X-550 Pb employs an X-ray tube that uses an electric current under high voltage to produce X-rays. The latest X-ray tube and detector technology deliver the fastest and most accurate lead paint results. Read the HUD PCS.

X-ray eliminates radioactive isotopes. No isotope replacement costs, isotope disposal costs, or regulatory and financial burden for owning and tracking radioactive materials.

The X-550 Pb complements existing applications. Select a rhodium X-ray tube anode or gold X-ray tube anode, depending on whether you also want to perform environmental testing for EPA Priority Pollutant and RCRA metals, or alloy or mining materials analysis. Optional apps include Lead in Soil, Alloy, Geochem (Mining), Empirical, Environmental Metals. Coming soon: Lead in dust wipes and air filters (NIOSH 7702). Read the Specifications.

X-Ray tube guaranteed for at least 5 years

Fastest lead paint analyzer

Test in 2-6 seconds, and never lose speed over time. As soon as the X-550 Pb determines the lead paint level is above or below the action level at 2-standard deviation (95%) confidence, the test is automatically terminated. Based on PCS testing at action levels of 0.5, 0.7 and 1.0 mg/cm2, most tests end in two seconds, and the longest test is six seconds.

Highest accuracy

No substrate corrections, no inconclusive ranges or tests, even for action levels as low as 0.5 mg/cm2 (Rh anode). Choose completely automated Quick Mode for PCS types of testing, or Timed Mode for industrial lead paint testing.

No radioactive isotope

Greatly reduces the burden of owning and controlling radioactive materials and costly isotope replacement. Moreover, the test times are the same in five years as the day you purchase the analyzer – one of the many advantages of X-ray tube technology.

We did it again! Another first from SciAps

SciAps delivers the first non-isotope handheld XRF with accepted PCS at three action levels for HUD lead paint assessments.

The PCS data set demonstrates the instrument’s ability to accurately identify samples as positive or negative according to the federal action level for residential lead paint, which is 1.0 milligrams of lead per square centimeter. The X-550 Pb also has accepted PCS at action limits of 0.7 mg/cm2 and 0.5 mg/cm2. It’s one of only two instruments to achieve this standard, and the only non-isotope instrument ever to hold a PCS at all three levels. According to the PCS, SciAps X-550 Pb delivered no false positives, no false negatives, and no inconclusive tests, even at the 0.5 mg/cm2 level (Rh anode). SciAps technology team has succeeded in making a lead paint analyzer for HUD/EPA work that eliminates the need for a radioactive isotope, greatly reducing the regulatory burden of owning and controlling radioactive materials and eliminating costly isotope replacement.

The Cloud, connectivity, and Android

The X Series is built on Google’s Android platform for real-time data exporting. The user interface has the feel of a smart phone with results easily viewed on a vibrant display and reversible light/dark for all lighting conditions. Built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and USB mean that users can print and email from the X-550 Pb and connect to virtually any information management system for efficient test data and report.  

Multi-system users? SciAps Cloud data and fleet management system is also available. Collect and monitor lead paint measurements in real time, from anywhere. Eliminate the burden of exporting, cutting and pasting test data in spreadsheets and reports.


2.98 lbs. with battery

Excitation Source

5 W X-ray tube. Typical: , 40 kV, 200 uA Rh or Au anode. Anode choice depends on what other apps users may want to add.


Linear or quadratic lead calibration with absorption and depth corrections.


8.5″ x 9.5″ x 2.4″


20 mm2 silicon drift detector (active area), 140 eV resolution FWHM at 5.95 Mn K-alpha line.

Calibration Check

External 316 stainless check standard for calibration verification and energy-scale validation. NIST 1.04 mg/cm2 lead paint standard on wooden substrate block for PCS calibration check standard, with other lead levels available for alternative action levels.


On board rechargeable Li-ion battery, rechargeable inside device or with external charger, AC power, hot-swap capability (60 s max swap time).

X-Ray Filtering

Standard 1 position filter, upgradeable to 5 positions depending on additional apps.

Analytical Range

Pb standard. May be calibrated to report up to 32 elements with upgrades.


2.7-inch color capacitive touchscreen — 400 MHz Qualcomm Adreno 306 2D/3D graphics accelerator.

Processing Electronics and Host Processing

1.2 GHz quad ARM Cortex A53 64/32-bit; RAM: 2 GB LP-DDR3, Storage: 16 GB eMMC (storage).

Available Apps

Lead Paint App based on published PCS standard. Optional apps include Alloy, Geochem (Mining), Empirical, Environmental. New apps are added regularly.


Password protected usage (user level) and internal settings (admin).

Pulse Processor

12 bit with digitization rate of 80 MSPS 8K channel MCA USB 2.0 for high-speed data transfer to host processor. Digital filtering implemented in FPGA for high throughput pulse processing, 20 nS – 24 uS peaking time.

Grade Library

Standard library contains 500+ grades, no practical size limit. Multiple libraries supported, grades may be added on analyzer or via Profile Builder PC software package.


CE, RoHS, USFDA registered, Canada RED Act.

Environmental Temp. Range

10 F to 130 F at 25% duty cycle.

Comms/ Data Transfer

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB connectivity to most devices, including SciAps Profile Builder PC software.

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