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SciAps, Inc. is a Boston area company specializing in high performance portable analytical instruments. Our mission is to provide durable, field-tested, portable instruments to identify any compound, any mineral, any element. Current product portfolio consists of LIBS, XRF, and Raman technologies.


Open Positions

R&D Scientist – XRF Instruments

We are looking for a highly motivated individual to take on the role of R&D Scientist, with a focus on algorithm and hardware development of our x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzers. Suitable candidates will be interested in working in a fast-paced multi-discipline high technology environment. Interested applicants should submit resume and cover letter. 


Responsibilities and Duties

  • Design, implement, and debug spectral analysis algorithms for our X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF)products.
  • Develop calibrations for new XRF applications and hardware platforms.
  • Contribute to XRF instrument hardware design to maximize detection sensitivity and minimize spectral background.
  • Develop expertise in understanding and improving calibration methods for XRF and Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) analyzers. Use this expertise to support and improve manufacturing calibration.
  • Conduct analysis of chemometric data to determine conformance to performance specifications.
  • Become adept at troubleshooting analytical and instrument system problems and identifying root cause.
  • Create documentation for calibration processes and analytical Quality Assurance procedures. Ensure the accuracy of documentation as well.
  • Provide prompt support to Manufacturing and Service Departments as required.

Skills and Experience

  • 2+ years in analytical instrumentation field strongly preferred. Experience in XRF, LIBS, or otherOES instrumentation desirable.
  • Familiarity with XRF Fundamental Parameters (FP) is desirable
  • Familiarity with C, C++, or Java
  • Superior analytical and experimental skills
  • Familiarity with energy dispersive XRF instrument hardware, such as sources and detectors
  • Strong writing skills
  • Ability to interface with customers as well as other departments within SciAps
  • Must be a hard worker, detail oriented, well organized, and a creative problem solver
  • Ability to deal with a dynamic environment where priorities can change frequently dependingon the needs of the business. Willingness to learn engage with other SciAps product lines (LIBS,Raman) as needed.‍‍


  • MS or PhD in Physics, Chemistry, or other hard science. BS with relevant experience will be considered.

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