Z-9 Liquidator

SciAps is proud to announce the first portable LIBS powered Lithium Brines analyzer, the Z-9 Liquidator.

Combined with the Z-903 handheld LIBS, the Z-9 Liquidator provides fast and easy analysis of brines in the field or in the lab. This groundbreaking technique only needs a 1-2 mL of sample per test, with no dilution necessary. The Z-9 Liquidator samples the liquid and atomizes it into a fine mist which is then analyzed by the Z-903 LIBS. Within seconds, the concentration of Li and other key elements are displayed on nearby tablet or PC.

Read about the emergence of lithium brines in Chemical Engineering's article "Lithium Extraction: Prime Time for Brine."


No more waiting days, weeks or even months for results from complicated lab techniques!


Simply feed your sample to the Z-9 Liquidator and your brines composition is reported in seconds!


Powered by the SciAps Z-903 handheld LIBS analyzer, equipped with factory built lithium brines calibration. Users can also develop a custom calibration via the Profile Builder software to further optimize performance.


With a small footprint and light but durable construction - the SciAps Z-9 Liquidator is right at home in the lab, in the plant or even in the field! Transportation is easy for analyzing brines at the well or evaporation ponds.

Have solids or rocks to analyze?

Just undock the Z-903 handheld analyzer from the Z-9 Liquidator and you're free to roam! Test outcrops, cores, pressed pellets and more! Calibrations available for pegmatite, Nevada clays, etc.


15lbs + Z-903 LIBS with battery 4.93lbs


Factory built lithium brines calibration or user built calibrations via Profile Builder desktop software


9.25" x 11.00" x 16.5"

Sample Volume

~ 1mL per test

Analysis Time

5s per test


100-240V, 50/60Hz or optional battery

Z-903 Spectral Range

190 - 950 nm

Drift Correction

On-board automated drift correctionsoftware with factory-provided or userprovided reference materials


CE, RoHS, USFDA registered, Safety interlocked Class 3B laser

Opearting Software

SciAps Profile Builder for PC or WindowsTablet

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