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October 2022

Analysis of Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium with SciAps Handheld XRF

More recycling facilities are identifying platinum, palladium, and rhodium in catalytic converters. These platinum group metals are highly valuable. But accurate identification is essential. SciAps X-50 is a unique, lower-priced model featuring an X-ray tube that can run up to 50kV. See why it’s a perfect fit for PGM analysis.
September 2022

LIBS User’s Guide: The latest success story in portable analytical instrumentation

LIBS technology has migrated from a time-consuming laboratory analysis method to a mainstream field analytical technique in recent years. Handheld LIBS first found commercial success in alloy analysis industries. It’s now applied to electric vehicles, strategic metals, and environmental clean-up.
March 2022

XRF Evaluation of Heavy Metals in Parks of Newark, N.J.

Areas evaluated were in or near athletic fields, trails, playgrounds, entrances, and adjacent to roads. Measurements were performed with SciAps XRF following EPA Method 6200 protocols.
October 2021

User’s Guide: New Opportunities for Handheld XRF

The past couple of years have marked a new era for handheld XRF, with next-generation improvements in speed, accuracy, and instrumentation, including the world’s first 55 kV X-ray tube.
October 2021

Analyzing Carbon in Small Parts On-site with LIBS

Deploying a comprehensive material verification program includes testing weld wire, round bar, small bore pipe and bolting. All SciAps LIBS analyzers are designed to optimize access to such parts, providing a comprehensive, on-site solution for carbon analysis in QA/QC programs.
September 2021

Where’s the Gold?

Identification of Gold and Its Mineralogical Associations using SciAps Handheld LIBS
June 2021

Screening Food Packaging for PFAS with Handheld LIBS

Field-portable handheld LIBS analyzers have expanded potential applications for in situ elemental analysis. They allow for rapid screening and quantification of any element in almost any matrix type.
April 2021

Instant Detection of Banned Fluorinated Ski Waxes Using Handheld LIBS

Iron-on fluoro-powders and fluorinated paraffins for skis offer unmatched glide properties and repel dirt exceptionally well. But they are being banned due to environmental and health impacts. SciAps LIBS offers instant detection to reinforce compliance in a competition environment.
January 2021

User’s Guide: Pro Tips to Improve Your PMI Performance

Paul Lawrence of PMI Concepts has been performing PMI work, and training and certifying inspectors, for over 10 years. He’s an expert at all aspects of PMI including XRF, spark OES, and now LIBS technologies. Here, he offers some key tips to improve your performance and get the most out of your instrument.
January 2021

XRF User’s Guide: Aluminum Alloy Sorting

Ten years ago, basic sorting was the only option with handheld analyzers. Today, with the advent of high-performance X-ray detectors and laser-based units, fine sorting aluminum alloys in a few seconds is a reality. SciAps XRF units measure Mg and Si up to 10x faster than other guns so that operators can do fine sorting within a few seconds, rather than 30+ seconds, increasing accuracy and throughput.
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