SciAps Detector Protector Technology

End broken XRF detectors permanently — even on turnings!
SciAps is pleased to introduce a new, high-strength window to protect the detector in all our XRF units—SciAps Detector Protector Technology (DPT). When we first rolled out the new technology, we charged for the DPT upgrade and offered the 3-year warranty for free. But now, we are so confident in the technology, every XRF analyzer comes with the DPT automatically and an old broken detector will be replaced with the DPT FOR FREE--no upgrade fee! If you'd still like to purchase the warranty separately, you are free to do so. So, turn turnings into profits, not aggravation.

When you buy a high-end X-ray gun, you expect to sort aluminum alloys, red metals like aluminum and silver bronzes, sulfur and phosphorus. However, the thin windows required to measure ultra-light elements like Mg, Al, Si offer minimal protection, especially when the user jams the analyzer into Gaylord boxes of turnings and blows out the detector. A common failure mode is either a weak protector that bows into the detector and breaks it, or a small chard that pokes through the mesh and strikes the detector window. A punctured detector is an expensive repair, so it’s understandable why recyclers are irritated by it.

That’s where SciAps DPT comes in.

SciAps DPT is both rigid (won’t flex into detector) and has a fine enough grid that turning chards must be less than 100 um (diameter of a human hair) to reach through the grid. The analyzer still works no matter how much a user jams the analyzer into turnings.

We didn’t compromise speed for toughness. Our analyzer with this new window is still the fastest analyzer on the market for any alloy, especially for aluminum alloys. It still measures as low as 0.3% Mg in 2 seconds. Mg in 6061 in 1 sec. This means you can still sort your aluminum alloys accurately and quickly. And continue to avoid those downgrades because you won’t mix 6063, 1100, 6061 and won’t have punctured detectors.

SciAps now uses DPT in all XRF analyzers!

Watch the video below for a demonstration:

To test the technology, we used a force gauge to test the strength of SciAps DPT. A beer can collapsed at 28 Newtons. SciAps DPT was still holding strong at 68 Newtons.

The real test is on real turnings. Users often jam the analyzer in a box or barrel of turnings (as Don demonstrates), attempting to compress the loose metal pieces. Other analyzers will have a weak protector that bows into the detector and breaks it, or a small chard that pokes through the mesh and strikes the detector window.

Not so with SciAps DPT. Notice the Prolene window is damaged from the jamming, but the analyzer can still measure a 6063 in 2 seconds (even with a damaged Prolene window) because the detector was not damaged at all. The window can easily be replaced by the user.

WATCH BELOW: How to Change Prolene or Kapton Windows

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