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SciAps is thrilled to introduce our latest entrant to our family of handheld, laser-based (LIBS) product line.  Meet the Z-70. It delivers precise, fast alloy ID and chemistry at an economical price point. It is designed for basic scrap sorting and metal fab shops that need an easy to use, point-and-shoot analyzer to identify hundreds of alloys by grade and chemistry.  Power it on, and in seconds you’re ready to start testing.  No drift correction or calibration needed.  It’s powerful laser (about 40x more powerful than the “micro-LIBS” on the market) burns through surface contamination, oil, grease, anodization and even paint.  Eliminate the guess work for your operators with this powerful new tool.


The Z-70 is a rugged handheld air-burn LIBS designed specifically for material ID testing. This new device brings the same industry leading technologies SciAps customers love into a pure sorting tool. The Z-70 is the easiest to use LIBS in the SciAps portfolio for material ID.

The Z-70 uses a 6 mJ/pulse laser which is the most powerful in the LIBS sorting market. Traditional material ID instruments use high repetition 150 μJ/pulse lasers that are too weak to properly clean dirty surfaces.  This leads to wrong matches and extra time prepping the sample surface. Any time gained in testing versus XRF is lost in sample preparation and bad data. The Z-70 is designed for testing with real world samples. An integrated air pump make sure your window stays cleaner for longer and accurate data is being obtained.

The Z-70 is also the most versatile instrument in the LIBS sorting market. It provides great flexibility in an easy to use format by allowing users to enter in their own grades and make adjustments that meet your testing needs.  The Z-70 can be calibrated for single base or multiple bases. Even if a base is not calibrated, the Z-70 can easily distinguish the base material without giving misleading results.
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Clean Results, Clear Advantage

The unique air pump design in the SciAps Z-70 provides the best solution for safeguarding against contaminated test results. The air pump disperses any residual dirt particles from the testing windows, thereby guaranteeing accurate results and minimizing the necessity for frequent cleaning.

Precision, Versatility, and Reliability

The Z-70 has an internal camera for precise targeting of analysis locations, essential for turnings; a macro camera for photo-documentation of samples, and for reading bar codes and QR codes; a patented 'sample sensor' ensuring Class 1 operation; an intuitive Android operating system offering user-friendly navigation; a high-resolution rear-facing display; rugged metal body; a narrow snout for welds or difficult-to-access test locations; and an air pump that keeps the analysis window clean for best results.

Redefining Power

The SciAps Z-70 delivers a 6 mJ laser, nearly 50 times more powerful than any other material ID instrument available in the market. This improves test speed and performance in scrap yard environments where dirty samples often require grinding for micro LIBS material ID instruments.

Keep unwanted dirt out

The unique air pump filter in SciAps Z-70 effectively prevents unwanted dirt from entering the testing chamber, reducing the need to constantly clean the chamber.


4.19 lbs. / 1.9 kg with battery


10.73" x 3.35" x 10.24" / 270 x 260 x 85 mm


3.5″ high brightness, color touchscreen, readable in all lighting  conditions. Rear facing display for easy results viewing.


100-240V, 50/60Hz or optional battery

Processing Electronics

ARM Quad Cortex -A53 1.2 GHz Memory: 2 GB LPDDR3, 16 GB eMMC

Data Storage

Results storage: 32 GB SD


Built on Google’s Android platform for real-time data exporting,   including built-in WiFi (IEEE 802.11b/g/n), Bluetooth (BR/EDR+BLE), GPS     and USB-C to connect to virtually any information management system

Sample Viewing

Integrated camera and laser target indicator for viewing sample before   and during analysis for proper sample alignment. Includes second “macro   camera” for scanning QR or barcodes and for photo-documentation and   report generation

Laser Raster

On-board Y stage for rastering laser to discrete locations for targeted   analysis or averaging


SciAps proprietary Opti-Purge provides an air pump and filter that helps   sustain clean window during testing


Password protected; multi-user support with configurable access   settings

Calibration Check

316 stainless steel standard for automated calibration and wavelength   scale validation

Drift Correction

On-board automated drift correction software with factory-provided     calibrations

Spectral Range

200 – 420 nm

Calibrations - Aluminum

Be, Mg, Al, Si, Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Ni, Cu, Zn, Zr, Sn, Pb, Ag


CE, RoHS, USFDA registered. Class 3b laser. Sample sensor on board,   allows for operation under Class 1 conditions, subject to local LSO     approval

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