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If you joined us at AGU Fall Meeting for the unveiling of SciAps new X-550 for Geochemistry, you may have caught our live videos demonstrating the new technology as well as the field-proven Z-300. These informal talks offer easy access to technology that is always evolving, to improve your results and learn from researchers and scientists in the field. Stay with SciAps as we move toward our next discovery. What’s your application? Contact Morgan to answer questions about XRF and LIBS.

Any mineral, any element, anywhere—lab or field

SciAps offers top-of-the-line technologies for geochemistry. The beauty of our two analyzers is that they cover all the bases. Do you want to quantify the results? Use the XRF. Do you want to qualify the results? Use the LIBS.

  • With the X-550, you get the smallest, fastest, most precise handheld XRF available. Perfect for gold pathfinders, transition, and heavy metals.
  • With the Z-300, you get in-field analysis of Li, Be, B, C, Na, F, and high sensitivity to other major elements Mg, Si, Al, Ca, K.

Watch: Comparing LIBS to XRF Analyzers for Geochemistry

Morgan Jennings explains the difference between LIBS (laser) and XRF (X-ray) technology, gives a great overview of both analyzers, then performs a demo with a high lithium mineral called spodumene to show the difference between what each analyzer measures. See how the LIBS Element Pro app works, and get a deeper understanding of why the XRF can’t measure some of those lighter elements.

Watch: One Box XRF and LIBS

Even though the technologies are different, they also complement each other. SciAps offers the industry’s only complete geochemistry solution in a handheld package. With the One Box, analyze any element and any type of geochemistry sample—soils, powders, liquids—with best precision across the entire periodic table. The X-550 and Z-300 share the same user interface, accessories, and software, making training and operation a breeze. In the One Box, you get quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Fast, light, powerful

With amazing performance on light elements, the SciAps X-550 is the new premium handheld XRF for geochemistry — lab, field, or field-lab. Weighing only 2.8 lbs. with battery, it’s the lightest, fastest and most powerful handheld XRF on the market today. Read more about the X-550 detection limits on heavy elements; explore customizable software and economical apps; download the specifications; see how it handles drops; and watch the videos below.

Watch: Benefits of X-550 for Geochemistry

X-550 is a light, powerful handheld XRF that’s also rugged and durable for field use — make critical decisions quickly and with confidence, and reduce the number of samples you need to bring back to the lab. Set it up on the test stand, and it performs like a laboratory XRF controlled from your PC.

Download the specifications

Watch: XRF Reporting Capabilities

Export data in a CSV file for spreadsheets, and/or a PDF file (customizable with logo) with chemistry, thumbnail of spectrum, and other test information, which can then be printed right from the analyzer to give to customers.

The X-550 Advantage

  • Small and light! Only 2.8 lbs
  • Powerful X-ray tube
  • Fast and precise
  • Intuitive Android interface
  • Wi-fi, Bluetooth and GPS
  • Rugged and durable — designed to IP 54 specifications

XRF RentalsXRF Rentals

Premium XRFs when you need them. Whether you’re heading out on a job for a couple of weeks or several months, SciAps XRFs will arrive ready for you to start testing so you make the most of your time in the field.

Read more…

See how SciAps handheld analyzers are working in the field

and how researchers are using SciAps LIBS and XRF analyzers to expand the world of elemental analysis.


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