December 1, 2022

Find out about SciAps amazing world of applications available to handheld LIBS and XRF. Support for electric vehicles and strategic metals includes the world’s only 55 kV analyzer optimized for REEs and the world’s only handheld for lithium analysis in soils, ores, and brines. Discover unique XRF features for gold pathfinders and LIBS as a powerful tool for geoscience. Work with confidence in demanding landscapes with our durable analyzers. See for yourself at AGU, Dec. 12-16.

Any mineral, any element, anywhere—lab or field

SciAps offers top-of-the-line technologies for geochemistry. The beauty of our analyzers is that they cover all the bases. Do you want to quantify the results? Use the XRF. Do you want to qualify the results? Use the LIBS.

See for yourself

SciAps mission is to provide durable, field-tested, portable instruments to identify any compound, any mineral, any element, any place on the planet. See the latest models and software demonstrations on our geochemistry playlist.

  • X-555, X-505
  • Z-901 Lithium, Z-903
  • Low gold performance
  • Geochem Pro software

LIBS and XRF for 21st century geoscience

Read how independent researchers are using SciAps LIBS and XRF analyzers to expand the world of elemental analysis, and how to contact us about our Academic Loaner Program.

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