SciAps CTO Dave Day in 'Portable Spectroscopy and Spectrometry'

May 11, 2021
Day contributes definitive guide to emerging handheld LIBS technology, in a new volume published by Wiley

SciAps, Inc. a Boston-based company specializing in handheld analytical instrumentation, is pleased to announce that CTO Dave Day has contributed a chapter on handheld LIBS to "Portable Spectroscopy and Spectrometry, Volume 1, Technologies and Instrumentation," with editors Richard A. Crocombe, Pauline E. Leary, and Brooke W. Kammrath, published by Wiley."

Portable Spectroscopy and Spectrometry: Volume One" is both an overview of the miniature technologies used in spectrometry and an authoritative guide to the specific instruments employed in a wide range of disciplines. The first comprehensive work to describe the enabling technologies of portable spectrometry, it explains how various handheld and portable instruments work, discusses their potential limitations, and provides clear guidance on optimizing their utility and accuracy in the field. In-depth chapters—written by a team of international authors from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds—have been carefully reviewed both by the editors and by third-party experts to ensure their quality and completeness.

David Day contributed his knowledge and expertise in Chapter 13: Handheld Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (HHLIBS), which explains the development of handheld LIBS and its specifications, as well as current and future applications.

"It has been exciting over the last several years to see handheld LIBS come of age and become such a useful product now applied across such a wide variety of markets," Day says. "It is an honor for me to have been in a position to help make that happen and be invited to document it in this book chapter."

"Portable Spectroscopy and Spectrometry: Volume One" is a resource for developers of portable instruments, civilian and government purchasers and operators, and teachers and students of portable spectroscopy. When combined with Volume Two, which focuses on the multitude of applications of portable instrumentation, Portable Spectroscopy and Spectrometry provides the most thorough coverage of the field currently available.

SciAps, Inc. is a rapidly growing company specializing in handheld analytical instruments. The company offers state-of-the-art handheld LIBS analyzers for alloys including carbon in steels and stainless, environmental, mining and general analytical applications specifically those that require measurement of low atomic number elements not accessible by handheld XRF. Complementing the LIBS is SciAps handheld X Series, the smallest, lightest weight and highest performing handheld XRF units ever created.

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