GHASNT Chapter Golf Outing

March 10, 2021

Attend the GHASNT Chapter Golf Outing

Get a hole-in-one, and win a brand new SciAps X-ray gun!

Battleground Golf Course, Deer Park, TX

SciAps is giving away premier X-550 XRF alloy analyzers

Attend a SciAps-sponsored golf outing this season, get a hole in one, and win a brand new SciAps X-ray gun! SciAps will be sponsoring golf outings and chapter meetings throughout 2021, providing several opportunities to win our premier alloy analyzer.

What's Hot for the X-550?

Sulfidic corrosion, API 939:

Measure 0.1% Si in steels in < 7 seconds.


Measure Cu + Cr + Ni down to low concentrations, quickly. The X-550 is optimized for low concentration residual and contaminant metals.


Low concentrations of Ti, V, Nb, Mo and other residual metals.

Aluminum alloy verification:

Analyze virtually every aluminum alloy in a few seconds. The X-550 is also optimized for low atomic number elements Mg, Si, Al, P and S.

The SciAps X-550 sets a new performance standard for PMI. Weighing 2.8 lbs., including battery, it's the world’s lightest, fastest, most articulate X-ray gun. The narrow footprint  permits total access to virtually any test location and weld. Lightning fast, most tests are completed in 1 second. For more complicated applications such as sulfidic corrosion (API 939), residuals (API 751) or API 5L that require longer test times or multi-beam tests, our pre-configured on-board apps assure quality application testing by every operator. Both SciAps XRF and LIBS run on Android OS, with the ease of a smartphone.

Get a Hole-in-One Win a SciAps X-550 X-ray Gun

What more could you ask for?

SciAps makes it easy to add handheld LIBS

If you already have handheld XRF, it just got about $10,000 less expensive to get the carbon and silicon numbers you need with the new Z-901 CSi and the Z-902 Carbon is the new, heavy-hitting analyzer calibrated for carbon and metals. How about that?

For one analyzer that does it all, specific to PHMSA and general pipeline requirements, pipeline operators now have SciAps Z-902 Carbon, a dedicated NDT/PMI analyzer for carbon content and a wide range of alloys and alloy bases.

The Z-902 Carbon provides carbon content, carbon equivalents, and concentrations of alloying elements Si, Ti, V, Mn, Cr, Cu, Ni, Nb, Mo and others.

The dedicated Pipeline App addresses carbon and CE work especially for American Petroleum Institute (API) specification 5L.

The Residuals App includes quality-control check standards and tighter calibrations to “dial in” the carbon calibration for steels around the 0.18% level. It also automatically calculates the sum of Cr, Cu and Ni, or just Cu and Ni (if C > 0.18%) and Nb + V compared to the limits of 0.15 and 0.03, respectively.

Or, SciAps is making it less costly to just add carbon. Z-901 CSi is a dedicated, high-performance handheld LIBS built strictly to measure carbon and silicon features ergonomic design, improved heat dissipation, and completely updated software and processing. At 3.5 lbs., it looks, feels and handles nearly identical to XRF.

Perfect for:

  • PMI people who use XRF every day in the field but, every once in a while, need to measure carbon
  • Pipeline engineers who need to meet multi-test averaging protocols required by some refineries and pipeline operators
  • Inspection companies
  • Fabricators that need to grade material (L- and H-grade stainless)
  • Anyone doing silicon surveys: 650 refineries worldwide; adding LIBS in 939C
  • HF Alky units
  • Cast iron customers

And pair CSi with premium XRF—X-550 was designed from the ground up for NDT, for operations and durability. The X-550’s powerful but miniaturized X-ray tube excels at measuring low atomic number elements Si, P, S, Mg and Al.

Excellent performance on stainless and high temperature alloys, brasses/bronzes and specialty alloys. It was designed with superior heat sinking and dissipation to withstand even the demands of in-service PMI.

Pre-configured on-board apps assure quality testing by every operator for complicated applications such as:

  • Sulfidic corrosion, API 939: measure 0.1% Si in steels in < 7 seconds.
  • Residuals: measure Cu + Cr + Ni down to low concentrations, quickly.
  • API 5L: low concentrations of Ti, V, Nb, Mo and other residual metals).

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