SciAps LIBS: A game-changer for handheld carbon analysis

December 30, 2019

SciAps LIBS is a game-changer for handheld carbon analysis of sheets, pipes and tubes. A recent interview with David Sear from Stainless Steel World News offers the inside scoop on why carbon is key to alloy verification for so many in the metals supply chain, from recycling businesses to steel mills, stockiest to fabricators.

"A simple pre-welding check with our LIBS analyzer can give fabricators and customers total peace of mind," says Don Sackett, CEO of SciAps.
Breakthrough technology

Prior to 2017, the only choice to measure carbon in the field was an undeniably cumbersome and heavy spark OES instrument.

"Being handheld, our LIBS device is naturally much easier to transport and moreover it doesn't require recalibration. So for checking inventory in warehouse storage racks, analyzing materials in a remote location, etc. then a LIBS analyzer is the logical choice," Sackett says.

David Sear reports that the SciAps team successfully resolved three important challenges. SciAps Z-200 C+ uses a battery operated laser that is small but powerful; a spectrometer that is small but accurate; and an on-board argon canister that is small but effective. This short video on handheld carbon analysis  demonstrates fast, easy and accurate testing for carbon and carbon equivalents with the breakthrough SciAps Z-200 C+.

Technology adoption

Adoption of handheld LIBS began with the pipeline industry. In the interview, Sackett notes that an increasing number of industries are moving to almost 100% metals verification."For obvious health and safety reasons, owners are looking to eliminate potential materials issues in plants such as power stations, chemical process facilities, refineries and the like. After all, pipes, tubes and sheets all look the same so a mix-up can easily occur. The use of appropriate analyzers can prevent mistakes and also highlight out-of-specification materials, ensuring that fabricated equipment such as tanks, vessels and piping will perform as expected," Sackett says.

Demo the LIBS analyzer

Contact SciAps to demo the SciAps LIBS, and check out the LIBS rental program.

Sciaps LIBS analyzer rental program for carbon in steels

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