What's a little heatwave?

August 2, 2021

What’s a little heatwave?

About an hour out of every day seeking shade for my XRF gun - but not anymore.

Don’t sweat the field work. The SciAps X-555 Environmental analyzer is designed to work in tough conditions, even hot days in the sun. When the competition’s XRF analyzer is in the sun for hours, it gets too hot for accuracy. Then you’re looking for shade to cool it down. Not the case with SciAps X-555. You can work out in the sun all day long, and it never needs a break. The X-555 features the industry’s only 55 kV X-ray tube for best limits of detection on Cd, Ba, Sb, Sn, Ag and rare earth metals. Finally, an XRF analyzer built to keep up with you. Please be sure to hydrate yourself.

One Box for Environmental

Pair XRF with LIBS and get all 13 priority EPA & 8 RCRA metals in one box. SciAps One Box for Environmental delivers the complete set of RCRA metals and Priority Pollutant Metals including Be, plus others, with SciAps X-555 and Z-901 Beryllium analyzers. Our industry leading XRF and LIBS analyzers run on the same Android platform, with the same accessories like batteries, cables, chargers.  On-board software plus SciAps Cloud Services allows for seamless merging and reports.

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