Introducing: In-field Environmental Metals

June 15, 2021

SciAps handheld analyzers offer fast, optimal performance with true field portability


SciAps, Inc., a Boston-based company specializing in handheld analytical instrumentation, is pleased to introduce two new analyzers that provide the best limits of detection for critical in-field environmental metals testing. Using X-ray and laser, the new pair delivers all 8 RCRA metals and all 13 Priority Pollutant Metals, in seconds, with outstanding thermal dissipation.

X-555 handheld analyzer

SciAps X-555 sets a new performance standard for handheld XRF. It weighs under 3 lbs. with battery, and it packs the industry’s most powerful X-ray tube for the best limits of detection on the EPA’s critical contaminants—especially for cadmium, silver, tin, antimony and barium, where the 55kV X-ray tube delivers the most benefit. When combined with the new Z-901 Beryllium, the world’s lightest, fastest LIBS (laser) analyzer, operators can include beryllium as well. The SciAps Environmental "One Box" pair are the only field analyzers capable of measuring all the required metals. Operators can upgrade the Z-901 to measure lithium, boron, carbon, nitrogen, fluorine, and sodium in their tests, too.“When operators sit in the sun for long periods of time in order to collect data, it makes for a long, miserable day. SciAps cuts that time in half, ” says Tim Johnson, SciAps newly appointed manager of business development in restricted substances and regulatory markets. ”The X-555 doesn’t make compromises. It doesn’t compromise size for stability or heat dissipation. It doesn’t compromise speed for detection limits.”SciAps X-555 is especially well suited for RCRA applications and EPA Method 6200. Up to three automated beam settings provide optimal performance across the entire periodic table, from Mg to U. The high voltage beam operates with appropriate filtering to optimize sensitivity to cadmium and other metals in that atomic number range. Lower beam settings provide analysis for remaining metals. Users are not limited to the analytical formulas programmed into the instrument, but instead can make their own empirical calibration curves.

SciAps makes it possible to see all 13 Priority Pollutant Metals for a fraction of the cost of laboratory testing. Z-901 Beryllium analyzer, the world’s only handheld analyzer for beryllium in soil and dust, is used by virtually every government national laboratory. Together, the X and Z provide optimal performance with true field portability. Analyze soils, sediments, liquids, filter and wipe media. SciAps X and Z run on the same Android platform, with the same accessories like batteries, cables and chargers. They feature the latest engineering; high-resolution, 2.7” rear-facing display for easy results viewing in all lighting conditions; an aerospace-grade aluminum body for improved performance in high ambient temperatures and maximum durability; and global connectivity for full-featured report generation with available cloud data merging and management. SciAps top-selling and successful line of handheld XRF and LIBS analyzers is now available for rental through Pine Environmental. SciAps is a rapidly growing company specializing in handheld analytical instruments. State-of-the-art handheld LIBS analyzers for alloys address carbon in steels and stainless, environmental, mining and general analytical applications, specifically those that require measurement of low atomic number elements not accessible by handheld XRF. Complementing the LIBS is SciAps new handheld XRF series, released in 2020. SciAps X-550 analyzers are the smallest, lightest weight and highest performing handheld XRF units ever created.

Get it all in One Box

Our industry leading XRF and LIBS analyzers run on the same Android platform, with the same accessories like batteries, cables, chargers. On-board software plus SciAps Cloud Services allows for seamless merging and reports.

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