Introducing the SciAps Z-70 LIBS Analyzer

March 11, 2024

SciAps is thrilled to introduce the latest entrant to our family of handheld, laser-based (LIBS) product line. Meet the Z-70. This new device brings the same industry leading technologies SciAps customers love into a pure sorting tool.

  • Delivers precise, fast alloy ID and chemistry at an economical price point.
  • Designed for basic scrap sorting and metal fabrication shops that need an easy to use, point-and-shoot analyzer to identify hundreds of alloys by grade and chemistry.
  • Power it on, and in seconds you’re ready to start testing.
  • No drift correction or calibration needed.
  • Powerful laser burns through surface contamination, oil, grease, anodization, and even paint.
  • Great flexibility in an easy-to-use format, allowing users to enter in their own grades and make adjustments that meet their testing needs. Calibrate for single base or multiple bases.
  • Can easily distinguish the base material without giving misleading results, even if a base is not calibrated.
  • Eliminates guess work for operators.

SciAps Z-70 LIBS analyzer solves the issues of accuracy, reliability, cost, and sample preparation in the material identification (ID) market. The laser eliminates the need to grind each piece of material before testing. The Z-70 blasts through most surface contamination making sorting more efficient. It’s easy to use, rugged, quick, highly repeatable, and economical, revolutionizing the material ID market.

The Z-70 uses a 6 mJ/pulse laser which is the most powerful in the LIBS sorting market. Traditional material ID instruments use high repetition 150 μJ/pulse lasers that are too weak to properly clean dirty surfaces, leading to wrong matches and extra time prepping the sample surface. Any time gained in testing versus XRF is lost in sample preparation and bad data.

Designed to stay operational

  • An innovative air pump keeps dust away from the quartz window, allowing the spectrometer to analyze the emitted light properly. Other LIBS instruments in the material ID market frequently have issues with dirty windows, which impede results.
  • Easy-use design has a swift start up time without the need for drift correction. If drift correction is needed, customers can work out issues with the standards provided rather than waiting weeks for the instrument to return from the service center.

Designed for testing real world samples

  • The Z-70 results are accurate and repeatable as demonstrated in the Z-70 ApNote. Aluminum grade alloys like 7050 and 7075 are, traditionally, difficult to separate with a weaker laser. The Z-70 does it with ease.
  • Additional alloys that are both common and problematic for weaker lasers are 2024 and cast aluminums. The SciAps Z-70 can handle all these alloys without issue.
  • Testing odd shapes and small samples like turnings are no longer an issue with external and internal cameras for aiming. No other instrument offers this type of precision.

SciAps has designed an economical, easy to use material ID LIBS that fits the needs of the market. The Z-70 utilizes many of the hardware advantages of SciAps high-end instruments in a rugged design. The outcome is a material ID LIBS that doesn’t sacrifice on performance.

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