Invite CJ to demo more profitable aluminum sorting for you

June 17, 2022
When CJ's not driving for NASCAR Xfinity Series, we kick him out of the office and he goes demo'ing

What do you get when CJ McLaughlin stops by your scrapyard? The opportunity to demo the fastest, toughest XRF ever, discover great features, and meet our (almost) celebrity NASCAR driver rep. Maybe you can get him to tell you what really happens in the pits... See for yourself how SciAps can improve the functionality of your scrapyard.

The X-550 identifies your common metals quickly.

Some features, like GPS, just may surprise you.

Analyze, collect and send data, and take pictures.

Meet CJ in person and cheer for him during the race. CJ met up with third-generation owner Steve Solomon at Solomon Metals Corp., one of the leading non-ferrous scrap wholesalers, brokers, and processors in the Northeast. Yes, Steve uses X-550 on a daily basis. Yes, he has confidence in what he ships out. Yes, he’s been able to take full advantage of aluminum prices. And, yes, Steve gives CJ one of the best ribbings we’ve seen in a long time about his NASCAR Xfinity Series races (watch it below). Invite CJ to your scrapyard for a demo, become a customer, and take full advantage of the new standard in scrap sorting.

CJ recently stopped by Harding Metals to see Eds and the Harding family and test some of their most common and most challenging materials. From the video, we're not really sure if CJ's doing more working or playing in his visits—when you ask CJ to come by, remind him to bring coffee and doughnuts with him! And thank you to our friends at Harding Metals, a scrapyard family to the core—recycling more than 10 million pounds of material a month— they are one of New England's largest family-owned scrap metal recyclers, working together as a family since 1963.

Invite CJ to demo at your scrap operation—cjmclaughlin@sciaps.comand don't forget the doughnuts!

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What's it like to work with X-550?

Steve Solomon of Solomon Metals has worked with his SciAps X-550 for a year now. CJ asked him about his experience.

Q: What are your thoughts on the X-550 so far?"It’s been great. We handle all nonferrous here, from aluminum to copper to brasses to stainless in alloys, rich across the board in everything, turnings, solids, powders—we find a way to use it for whatever we need.”Q: Have you noticed a difference in how fast you can process these materials with the analyzer?“We’ve been using analyzing guns for years, and the SciAps has been great for us.”

Q: How important is the chemistry?“Consumers now are very particular about what they buy, looking for trace elements and things that can make the heat go bad, and it’s important for us to be able to ship to our customers and have confidence that we’re shipping what they want.”

Q: Anything in particular you like about it?“It’s light. It’s easy to use. Once our employees are trained in using it, they find it very easy to work with. It’s got a lot of technology that the earlier units didn’t have.”Q: How is the user interface?“When we first brought it in here, we had the basic library, we were able to redo the library for our needs. So we drilled down into the things that a scrapyard needs because it’s often quite different than what a consumer needs. What we handle here is generic, but we have to go from that to providing the consumer with a composition of alloys that meet their needs.”

Q: How often do you use the X-550?“We treat it as an everyday tool because of the range of alloys. We found a way to use it for all metals across the board. We use it as a quality control tool before it goes on a truck when we’re shipping material to make sure that it is what we already believe that it is.”

Q: Does using it every day help your business?“With the higher aluminum prices, particularly, it’s more helpful because the differentiation between secondary grades and primary grades has widened out, so being able to know exactly what alloy you have right now is really advantageous in getting your full value for your material.”When, occasionally, he gets something in, checks it, ships it out, and the consumer says it wasn’t what they asked for, he says, “You can check what actually came in from the customer and confirm whether the problem is legitimate or not.” The consumer might say they have a problem, but if you have the analysis report, says Solomon, you can tell them, “You better check it again.”

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