Join us at ISRI 2023

April 12, 2023

Are you ready to bid, race, and win with SciAps at ISRI 2023?

Our NASCAR racing team and our approach to innovation are the same — go fast and take chances!

SciAps is proud to support ISRI 2023 for our 10-year anniversary!

Bid to win

Find us at Booth 1303 and bid on the SciAps "NASCAR Sponsor Experience" to participate in the 2023 ISRI auction. Be the winning bidder and brand the SciAps Xfinity race car with your company name and logo.

Get trackside for the national anthem, the flyover, and the “start your engines” command. It’s a great client or employee event that you don't want to miss, and you’ll be raising money for ISRI’s scholarship fund.

Race to Win

When you stop by SciAps booth, not only can you see what it's like to race in NASCAR, you can race for the best lap time to get $2000 off the purchase of an analyzer at ISRI!

Get in the driver's seat in this new simulator game. Compete for prizes for the fastest time around the track!

Celebrate with us! (We all win!)

In honor of SciAps' 10 year anniversary, we are offering great deals - only at ISRI 2023 Booth 1303!

Looking to purchase? Get 10% off the X-200 alloy analyzer!

Ready for an upgrade? Trade in your current X-200 analyzer for $10k off the purchase price of the X-200 3.0 analyzer!

Demo one of SciAps premier XRF analyzers—the X-505 or X-550—to improve your throughput. These analyzers are perfect for scrap recycling!

Aluminum sorting with SciAps

If you want fast aluminum sorting, the X-550 comes with the Aluminum App. Our X-ray tube technology runs at 3x the intensity of the tubes in other X-ray units when measuring aluminum or magnesium alloys. We’ve also optimized the tube/detector geometry especially for these alloys. As a result, SciAps X-550 now measures Mg and Si up to 10 times faster than any other X-ray gun, with better precision.

See you at ISRI 2023!

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