Kripke Guarantees Aluminum Shipments with SciAps LIBS

February 3, 2020

Kripke Guarantees Aluminum Shipments with SciAps LIBS

Woburn, Mass., Feb. 1, 2020 — Kripke Enterprises, Inc. a leading recycler of aluminum alloys, now utilizes the SciAps handheld LIBS analyzer to certify that aluminum products meet chemistry specifications critical for fine grade sorting. Kripke has developed a customized aluminum sorting software library to accurately and quickly sort aluminum alloys into highly specific grades based on Mg, Si and transition metal content. The library is included with the Z-200 handheld LIBS analyzer manufactured by SciAps. The Z-200 uses on-board argon purge for the higher precision and lower detection limits of alloying and tramp metals. Like spark OES vs. arc, LIBS with argon purge provides higher precision and better detection limits than systems operating in air. Obtaining the best precision and lowest detection limits are critical to accurately sort the wide variety of aluminum alloys on the market, especially those with many overlapping elemental specification ranges. Particularly important is the ability of Z-200 to quickly measure concentrations of magnesium (Mg) at levels of 0.1% and lower.

As a result, the two companies have introduced a cross-marketing program. SciAps will include the Kripke Library as the default aluminum sorting library on their Z-200 shipments for scrap sorting, including the Kripke logo on the Z-200 analyzer. Kripke will include the SciAps name on their product documentation for aluminum shipments whenever the SciAps LIBS is used to verify alloy chemistry.SciAps, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of handheld XRF and LIBS analyzers for the recycling industry. Their flagship Z-200 LIBS (laser) analyzer offers rapid, accurate results on a variety of alloy materials, and their Z-200 C+ was the first handheld analyzer to measure carbon content in steels and stainless. Recently, SciAps introduced a new family of XRF analyzers, the X-550 and X-505, which are the smallest, lightest weight and fastest XRF analyzers ever made. Headquartered near Boston, Mass., the SciAps marketing and product development teams are veterans of Niton, Innov-X, ThermoFisher Scientific, and Olympus and bring decades of experience to developing and supporting handheld analyzers for scrap sorting.Find more information on their portable instrumentation, including product specifications and industry applications, at  For questions about the Kripke Library or testing, please contact Andy Golding at 1-419-539-9133 or

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