Kripke v PADNOS: MIS NASCAR Xfinity Series Recap

August 9, 2023

Fantastic weekend at Michigan International Speedway!

Patrick Emerling in car #35 was sponsored by PADNOS and finished 34th. Kyle Sieg, our last-minute replacement driver in car #28 was sponsored by Kripke and finished 19th in the Xfinity Series race August 5th.

SciAps hosted the event with two SciAps cars representing their biggest Scrap Recycling customers, Kripke and PADNOS. Each company uses different analyzers: Kripke uses SciAps' LIBS analyzers, while PADNOS uses XRF analyzers.

Matthew Kripke and Jonathan Padnos started a friendly wager on LinkedIn (deciding not to do a cage fight) and agreed to donate $1000 to a charity, regardless of the outcome, which of course Don Sackett and SciAps agreed to join in. $4,000 will be split between BOYS & GIRLS CLUB OF TOLEDO and Boys & Girls Club of Greater Holland.

Unfortunately, CJ McLaughlin’s #53 car had a mechanical issue during the qualifying race, which left him 0.3 seconds off the pace. Thankfully, RSS Racing lent a helping hand and had  Kripke’s logo on Kyle Siegs car #28. “Kyle is a young driver working his way up the circuit and he raced well yesterday,” says Don.

It was a thrilling race in the midst of the NASCAR Xfinity Series race! A heartfelt thank you to both companies for their continued business.

#28 leading the pack
#35 rounding the bend
Kripke car in the top 20 most of the race
PADNOS car looking sharp
Team Kripke
Kripke logo never looked so good
PADNOS logo looking good
Team SciAps for the win!

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