Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Conference

October 29, 2022

The annual LIBS conference brings together the latest results and ideas demonstrating to LIBS fast-growing impact in science and technology. This gathering of researchers and users facilitates the exchange of information between fundamental research and applications, including invited presentations, topical lectures, permanent poster exhibitions, and social, informal discussions.

A thematic issues of Spectrochimica Acta Part Part B will be devoted to the conference papers, including the following presentations featuring the leading handheld LIBS produced by SciAps, the people who helped write the book on portable spectroscopy and spectrometry.

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Cultural Heritage: "Multi-analytical investigations of the Medieval Turkish Bath from Golești Open Air Museum"

Used hyperspectral imaging and LIBS (benchtop and SciAps) to distinguish between original structure and later additions

Monica Dinu, National Institute of Research and Development for Optoelectronics, Romania; L. Ratoiu, National Institute of Research and Development for Optoelectronics, Romania; C. Călin, Goleşti Museum, Romania; G. Călin, Goleşti Museum, Romania

Poster: "Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for proximal soil sensing in precision agriculture"

Used Z-300 to quantify soil nutrients from a different farms A. Erler, University of Potsdam; T. Beitz, University of Potsdam, H.-G. Löhmannsröben, University of Potsdam

Advanced Applications: "Nanostructured objects designed to improve 'NanoParticle Enhanced LIBS' analysis"

Nanoparticle-enhanced LIBS works to enhance signal from additive elements in polymers

J. Sahili, A. Desert, N. Baskali-Bouregaa , T. Reinert, S. Parola, and N. Gilon; Laboratoire de Chimie de l’ENS Lyon, Institut des Sciences Analytiques, Université Claude Bernard Lyon

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