Industry Driven: LIBS lifetime basic training

February 21, 2020

LIBS free lifetime training
Here’s true customer story from a recent training in the western U.S.

One of the added benefits of buying SciAps LIBS analyzers is the lifetime basic operational training for as long as the company owns the LIBS. Carbon testing is significantly more difficult than the “point and shoot” simplicity of XRF. Carbon is ubiquitous; any carbon residue from soil, dust, oils from skin, etc. will create false high-test results. We'll provide your operators with basic training and be available for any questions. For those who need more than basic training, companies will soon have the opportunity to sign up for a 3-day intensive course—stay tuned for more information.

Industry Driven LIBS training

Day 1: Product specialist Ryan Clair travels to meet the new customer, a metallurgical inspection business in northern California. Ryan spends the day training their inspectors in all things LIBS: laser, optics, spectrometer, argon purge, user interface, drift correction, type calibration, sample prep, etc. to ensure they are ready to use the analyzer on their own.

Day 2: The inspectors have a job the next day at a fab shop. Ryan goes with them to supervise as they use the handheld LIBS to PMI parts to be welded. The end customer is there as well, witnessing the testing so that they can be assured with confidence that fabricator is going to work with the exact metal materials specified in the order. “Far too often some cheap/inferior metal is used in place of the correct specified metal, so the customer will come by with a third-party inspector to perform some metallurgical inspection before the fabrication gets underway. It was a tense setting as we verified each metal type before spectators from all parties,” Ryan says. They tested L-grade sheets and an X52 pipe and flange, with satisfactory results for everyone.

Industry Driven LIBS training
Everything we do is industry-driven

“I was behind our customer the whole time, reassuring him and providing this supplemental training with a real-world application of their new device,” Ryan says. At SciAps, we believe there is no better way to learn how to use an analyzer than to use it exactly how you will need to in the field. Getting comfortable with LIBS while a product specialist is nearby guarantees that the job will get done correctly, and the user will get additional training as the questions surface on the job. SciAps Z instantly verifies metals so that buyers know they are getting what they paid for. No more tense situations. No more cheap/inferior metals being sold in place of the correct specified metal. Instant verification means instant peace of mind.

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