LIBS still works after fall — are you kidding?

February 11, 2022

Some companies invest in a powerful analyzer and then keep it in the box because they are afraid to use it. They are plagued by fears: What if someone drops it? How much will it cost to repair? This is like buying a luxury car and keeping it in the garage — and Junior is definitely not driving it. Well, when you buy one of SciAps analyzers, it’s like purchasing all the speed and power of a high-performance sports car and then happily handing it over to Junior. You'll have the confidence to work with a smart, intuitive, durable analyzer that won’t cost a fortune in repairs.

You’ve heard about the XRF drop test from a 35-foot tower onto concrete. And about the XRF oops test with a 275-pound tool cabinet. Both analyzers still worked and cost little to repair. The newest success story in our “are you kidding me?” or “did I do that?” series comes from a SciAps customer using a classic Z-200 LIBS analyzer. This customer was testing aluminum when he slipped and fell with the analyzer still in his hand. On his way down, the analyzer struck an object and snapped in two. The handle was still in his hand and the rest of the analyzer was hanging off of it. Guess what? Not only did the analyzer still work in that condition, but the customer also only paid $900 for the housing replacement. Neither the customer nor his wallet was hurt in the fall. Go ahead. Make that investment in a SciAps analyzer—the one you won’t be afraid to use.

SciAps commitment to customer service

At SciAps, customer service is an extension of our commitment to provide you with exactly what you need, where — and when — you need it.

  1. Durable instruments - who else could pass the 275-pound Oops Test or 35-foot Drop Test?
  2. The lowest repair costs in the business - less than half the industry average for a common XRF detector repair.
  3. A Service & Calibration program built for cost-effective productivity and longevity.
  4. Fast turns - If the analyzer needs to be in the factory for longer than 2-3 days, SciAps will offer a loaner at no charge, with any special calibrations included so that your business is not limited in any way.
  5. Open communications - We stay in touch with our customers during repairs, and track repairs over time to ensure best use of the equipment.

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