In-field analysis of lithium

October 11, 2021

Field successes and testimonials keep rolling in for SciAps LIBS.

Meet the world's only handheld that analyzes lithium in soils, ores and brines.

SciAps has developed the LIBS (laser) Z-901 Lithium analyzer, purpose-built for measuring Li in rocks and brines, and Z-902 Lithium analyzer with an extended spectrometer range, for those users who need to additionally measure boron, magnesium, sodium, and perhaps other metals in brines.

SciAps has also upgraded their flagship LIBS analyzer, the Z-300, to the Z-903 model for those users that want to measure Li plus any other stable element in the periodic table. Z-903 measures other low atomic number elements that X-ray can't, including Be, B, C, F, Na, plus the many transition and heavy metals that X-ray also measures.

LIBS (laser induced breakdown spectroscopy) is a well-known optical technique, very sensitive to the low atomic number elements. SciAps miniaturized the laser to produce a handheld LIBS device, to mirror the ease of handheld XRF. But in this case, no X-rays means no travel restrictions or licensing headaches. There are now dozens of SciAps analyzers being used globally for lithium exploration projects, testing all lithium sample types with a compact handheld analyzer. If you need to measure lithium or other low atomic elements in the field, SciAps Z Series is your solution.

"We have tested the analyzer extensively over the last couple of days and we are extremely impressed and would recommend any serious explorer (especially in the Li industry) to make use of it."Nico Scholtz, Tantalex Resources Exploration project in Democratic Republic of Congo

SciAps Innovation timeline

2021:Analysis of Li-rich minerals using handheld LIBS: Over 4,000 spectra on lithium-content materials, including minerals, powder pellets, and rocks

2018:In-field, real-time lithium: Exploration drilling at the Agua Fria prospect in Sonora, Mexico

2017:Lithium concentrations in brines: Instant, on-site measurements using handheld LIBS

2016:Lithium in soils: First ever quantitative measurements

About the instruments

Built on the Android platform, SciAps instruments operate with the ease of a smart phone using app-based software that assures quality testing by every operator. Built-in Wifi and Bluetooth, with GPS capability, allow users to print, email, and connect to virtually any information management system for efficient, real-time results and full-featured reporting. Automatically merge XRF and LIBS tests with SciAps Cloud Services, and easily manage operations from anywhere.

SciAps LIBS series handheld analyzers, at just 3.5 lbs. (1.6 kg) with battery, have an internal camera for precise targeting of analysis locations; a macro camera for photo-documentation of samples, reading bar codes and QR codes; a patented “sample sensor” that allows Class 1 operation (subject to LSO approval); high-resolution, rear-facing display for easy results viewing; rugged metal body for maximum durability; a tapered, narrow snout for difficult-to-access test locations; and user-replaceable argon that provides hundreds of tests at pennies per test. SciAps Z Series is the world’s only handheld analyzer offering in-field, instant analysis of lithium in rocks, ores, powders, and brines.

About SciAps

SciAps is a rapidly growing company specializing in handheld analytical instruments for every major industry. State-of-the-art handheld LIBS analyzers for alloys address carbon in steels and stainless, environmental, mining and general analytical applications, specifically those that require measurement of low atomic number elements not accessible by handheld XRF. Complementing the new LIBS analyzers is SciAps new handheld XRF series, the smallest, lightest weight and highest performing handheld XRF units ever created.

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