One Box for Environmental

April 10, 2022

Introducing three new analyzers for in-field environmental testing

Get true portability with SciAps — handheld XRF and LIBS for all 8 RCRA and 13 EPA Priority Pollutant Metals, even beryllium, in seconds, and the world's only lead paint analysis with no radioactive isotopes or replacement costs and HUD PCS at 3 action levels.

X-ray: SciAps X-555

  • Most powerful tube
  • Lowest detection limits
  • Lightest analyzer

SciAps X-555 features the world’s only 55 kV tube, yielding superior limits of detection and precision for the subset of RCRA and Priority Pollutant Metals cadmium, barium, tin, antimony, and silver.

Up to three automated beam settings, designed for optimal performance across the entire periodic table from Mg to U. The high voltage beam operates at 55 kV with appropriate filtering to optimize sensitivity to cadmium and other metals in that atomic number range.

Weighing 2.8 lbs. with the battery, it’s the lightest, fastest, most accurate X-ray gun ever made.

All 8 RCRAs. 12 of the 13 EPA Priority Pollutant Metals.

X-555 handheld analyzer

Need beryllium?

Laser: SciAps Z-901 Beryllium

Meet the world’s only handheld analyzer for beryllium in soil and dust. For operators who require beryllium in their analysis of EPA Priority Pollutant Metals, SciAps offers the Z-901 Beryllium. While portable XRF cannot measure elements lighter than magnesium in the field, LIBS technology (laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy) excels at Be measurement. In fact, the SciAps Z Series excels at all ultra light elements, even hydrogen. The SciAps Z-901 Beryllium is used by virtually every government national laboratory for the measurement of Be in soil and dust. SciAps 900 Series uses LIBS technology (laser induced breakdown spectroscopy) to analyze elements that portable XRF cannot. This includes Li, Be, B, C, N, F, and Na. Even hydrogen! Analyze Be in soil and other materials down to ppm levels.

See what others can't!

Residential lead paint: SciAps X-550 Pb

X-550 Pb employs an X-ray tube that uses an electric current under high voltage to produce X-rays. The latest X-ray tube and detector technology deliver the fastest and most accurate lead paint results. Read the HUD PCS. X-ray eliminates radioactive isotopes. No isotope replacement costs, isotope disposal costs, or regulatory and financial burden for owning and tracking radioactive materials. Read the FAQ. The X-550 Pb complements existing applications. Select a rhodium X-ray tube anode or gold X-ray tube anode, depending on whether you also want to perform environmental testing for EPA Priority Pollutant and RCRA metals, or alloy or mining materials analysis.

Build your perfect One Box

Metals analysis: See the complete set of RCRA metals and Priority Pollutant Metals including Be, plus others, with the X-555 and Z-901 Beryllium. This pair provides optimal performance at a fraction of the cost of laboratory testing.

Residential lead paint: X-550 Pb is the only hXRF that does the full suite of environmental soils AND has a HUD PCS for lead paint at three action levels with no radioactive isotopes. Add SciAps LIBS Z-903 to see every element in the periodic table, combining the same powerful laser as SciAps other Z-900 models with an extended spectrometer range from 190 nm to 950 nm. Our industry leading XRF and LIBS analyzers run on the same Android platform, with the same accessories like batteries, cables, chargers.  On-board software plus SciAps Cloud Services allows for seamless merging and reports.

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