Pine Environmental Provides SciAps XRF and LIBS Rentals

April 6, 2021


Rent the analyzer you want from a company you can trust

The top-selling and successful line of handheld XRF and LIBS analyzers is now available for rental through Pine Environmental. SciAps has refined its high-performance LIBS-based carbon/alloy analyzer, making it smaller, lighter, faster, easier to access welds and other hard-to-reach testing locations, and overall easier to use. They have also introduced the novel Z-901 CSi LIBS. The “CSi” is configured solely for carbon and silicon measurements in steels and stainless. If you have already have an XRF but just need carbon and/or silicon values, then the CSi is a lower-cost rental option. Finally, SciAps offers the X-550 XRF analyzer. Designed specifically for the NDT/PMI markets, the X-550 is the lightest, fastest X-ray gun in the market for PMI. It is specially configured with a Residuals app to deliver fast, precise results on low concentrations of Cr, Ni, Cu, Nb, and V which are critical for residuals testing, and a Sulfidic Corrosion app, optimized for low concentrations of Si in steels. For environmental applications, the X-550 offers both environmental and geochemical analysis options for contaminant level metals in soils, including 13 of the 14 EPA Priority Pollutant metals; the missing element, beryllium, is easily analyzed by the SciAps Z-901 LIBS. According to Don Sackett, CEO and co-founder of SciAps, “now that we have built out our alloy sales team with experienced PMI people, we are really pleased to be working with Pine Environmental to rent both our LIBS units for carbon and other elements, and our XRF guns. Pine is a great partner that can support daily, weekly and monthly rentals anywhere in the United States, and we’re very pleased to be in a position to support them on rentals. ”Paul Fanelli, CEO at Pine, said, “We are very pleased to begin our successful partnership with SciAps. The SciAps products and offerings have already been well-received in the market with our NDT/PMI customers and SciAps’ commitment to broadening their portfolio was a key attraction for Pine.”

About SciAps: SciAps is a rapidly growing company specializing in handheld analytical instruments. State-of-the-art handheld LIBS analyzers for alloys address carbon in steels and stainless, environmental, mining, and general analytical applications, specifically those that require measurement of low atomic number elements not accessible by handheld XRF. Complementing the LIBS is SciAps latest handheld XRF series. The X-500 Series is the smallest, lightest weight, and highest performing handheld XRF units ever created.

About Pine: Pine Environmental Services LLC (Pine) is a Professional Service Company, engaged in providing rentals, sales, and service equipment in the U.S. and Canada for Environmental Monitoring, Non-Destructive Testing, Visual Inspection, as well as Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEMS). Pine has the largest stock of Test & Measurement rental equipment in our warehouses across North America.

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