PMI Challenges? SciAps XRF Apps Are Ready To Go

December 12, 2019

PMI is not just about alloy grade verification anymore. Operators must measure chemistry precisely to verify in-spec material, or ultra-low levels of specific alloy elements or contaminant metals like residuals. In some cases a 1-2 second “single beam” test suffices. In other cases, longer test times or “dual beam” tests are a must. SciAps has automated all of that.

PMI Applications Screen
There's no fiddling with settings to get quality test results.

We take advantage of our Android operating system and the apps-based smartphone culture that everyone knows. When you fire up the SciAps X-550, you simply choose the PMI/NDT type of work you want to do. Each app is pre-configured and optimized for your application.

For example, for sulfidic corrosion, simply tap the Sulfidic Corrosion App. The analyzer is preset to the optimal 2-beam test conditions, test times, and dialed-in silicon calibration in steels. You don’t have to worry if the operator is testing long enough, or is using the right beam conditions.

The apps-based X-550 is ready to go for critical PMI/NDT applications.
  • The Alloy app is for general PMI/NDT of a broad range of alloying materials.
  • The Residuals app is finely tuned for Cr, Cu and Ni concentrations, and the latest requirements for Nb and V being < 0.02%. The unit displays residuals formula and alerts based on the 0.12% or 0.15% threshold level for easy operator interpretation.
  • The Sulfidic Corrosion app is dialed in for low Si in steels, including operator notification of Si levels above or below the critical 0.1% level.
The X-550 was designed from the ground up for wherever you test – on the ground, in racks or on ropes.
X-550 XRF X-Ray Gun in tight spaces

At a mere 2.8 lbs. (1.27 kg, including battery), the X-550 is the lightest weight XRF ever made. It’s perfectly balanced, allowing thousands of tests per day without fatigue. It has a long narrow snout to access hard-to-reach locations and welds more efficiently. But we didn’t sacrifice analytical performance nor ruggedness.The X-550 was designed with superior heat sinking and dissipation to withstand even the demands of in-service PMI.Our powerful but miniaturized X-ray tube excels at low atomic number elements Si, P, S, Mg and Al.The tube combined with highly optimal internal geometry yields blazing speed on previously challenging applications like measuring silicon for sulfidic corrosion and aluminum alloys.

Did you know? The X is great on aluminum alloys, too!

If you work with aluminum or magnesium alloys, you’ll want to check out the X as well. The optimized design measures Mg and Al fast, as well as Si.

  • Measures magnesium at the 0.3% level in 2 seconds—5-10x faster than competing X-ray guns.
  • Our patent-pending Aluminum App is optimized for both low atomic number elements and transition metals, for ultra-fast, highly specific verification of the many similar aluminum grades. Examples like 3003/3004/3005, Cast 356 and 357, and 2014/2024 are just a few identifications that are easy for the X-550 but often confound other X-ray guns.

X-550 X-ray gun on aluminum

Need Carbon? The X-550 is now available with the One Box

Combine the new X-550 with our Z-902 Carbon market-leading handheld for carbon, and you can tackle any alloy testing need.From carbon and carbon equivalents to L-grade stainless to steels, aluminums and high-temperature alloys, the One Box does it all.

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