Profile Builder with Opti-Cal

May 2, 2021

Unleash the power of SciAps handheld XRF and LIBS

Adding SciAps Profile Builder software to your SciAps XRF and LIBS analyzers will, in essence, double your instrumentation. Take advantage of the ease and portability of handheld analyzers for your field work, then use those same analyzers in conjunction with Profile Builder software on your tablet or PC to gain powerful benchtop functionality for your lab work.

Unique to Profile Builder — create a derivative calibration in minutes using Opti-Cal

Adding empirical correction factors to a factory standard XRF calibration is a common technique used to correct for high or low bias, resulting from site-specific matrix effects. Historically this process involved shooting well-characterized samples, such as certified reference materials; then exporting the data, manually entering data into a spreadsheet, plotting the data in Excel, adding a trendline; then going back to the analyzer and entering slope into the user-factor screen. SciAps uniquely simplifies this process using Opti-Cal. In just two steps, users enter the standard data, then shoot the standards in Opti-Cal. The software calculates and applies correction factors to your derivative calibration. Workflow is fast and streamlined, eliminating tedious steps involved in creating correction factors, and your standards, data, and derivative calibrations are well organized. Simply shoot the standards that best suit your site-specific sample matrix type, and let Opti-Cal calculate and apply the adjustments to your derivative calibration.

What else does Profile Builder do? All SciAps pre-loaded apps (RoHS, Empirical, Mining, Soil, etc.) work with Profile Builder. Using it straight from the box, users can operate the analyzer from their tablet or PC to take tests and view results in detail. Zoom in on the spectrum to examine peaks, compare and view spectral overlays all in one place. The program is loaded with common industry certified reference materials (CRMs with assays), and users may add more. View calibration curves, generate new ones, build highly customized models for your own elements of interest and more.

Powerful data management: Create your own export template, tailored to display the data you want, in the order that you want to view it. Automate your data collection on a sample run using the auto-increment feature to avoid re-entering a new sample ID for each test; import and process a spectrum through an existing calibration model; batch export spectral data for post-processing large datasets. Share data in PDF or Excel format, and generate customized reports.

Highly customizable: Users can build an empirical calibration from scratch. The Calibration Wizard walks you through the process step by step. Add standards, test samples, view and analyze data, all from your PC or tablet. Choose regions, normalization, smoothing, denominators, and customize beam conditions with simple, easy-to-use settings to organize the data around your own elements and testing sites of interest.

Efficient test station for field or lab: For XRF users, adding a SciAps XRF Test Station turns your handheld into a convenient desktop X-ray analyzer with interlocked lid for your protection, stable base to keep your samples positioned correctly and safe, and integrated fans to cool the instrument even at the most extremes. And if you’re somewhere with strict X-ray requirements for certification, you can operate the XRF without that certification if you use the test stand.

Use Profile Builder straight from the box, or tune and customize your laser and X-ray calibrations to your own needs. Schedule an online demo to discuss your application with our product specialists.

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