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January 21, 2023

Working as a residential lead paint inspector or consultant?

X-ray tubes now have more advantages than isotope-based analyzers for residential lead paint inspection. There's no better option than SciAps.

For surface-by-surface testing of painted components, there’s no better option to identify the amount of lead present in painted or sealed surfaces than SciAps X-550 Pb lead paint analyzer. Lead-paint consultants can now evaluate potential lead hazards, including lead-based paint, lead dust (coming spring 2023), lead in water, and/or lead in soil without the oversight and costs of radioactive isotopes. Inspectors can easily produce and share detailed, customizable reports that show where the lead-based paint was found and provide recommendations, all from the XRF. With a perfect HUD/EPA PCS—no substrate corrections, no inconclusive ranges or tests, even for action levels as low as 0.5 mg/cm2 (Rh anode) - SciAps X-550 Pb eliminates the need for laboratory analysis, provides direct reading results on site, and with lead paint dust wipes, will identify the degree of current or potential hazards of lead-based paint. In the past, you only had one option for residential lead paint inspection: to use an analyzer with a radioactive source. Now, you can use the X-550 Pb, the best lead paint analyzer that uses an X-ray tube instead of an isotope.

What does this mean for you? Your work just became a whole lot simpler.

Business advantages of X-ray tube

Meet X-550 Pb in one minute

Upgrading your equipment to SciAps X-550 Pb

The steps to owning the X-550 Pb analyzer are simple. You order the device, register it (we can help with the forms—it’s something we do often). Then, once you have the device in hand, you can do a video or in-person training, which usually takes about an hour. You can start using the X-550 Pb that day. You can buy (or rent) an analyzer without the difficulties associated with an isotope device. What are the advantages?

  • Most importantly, the X-550 Pb has no radioactive isotope.
  • That means you can carry the X-550 Pb across state lines and return without a special license, which allows you to accept jobs last minute.
  • The X-550 Pb will always be the same speed, so you can accurately bid on the time it will take to do a job.
  • If you currently have an isotope device, you will need to replace that isotope eventually, so the sooner you get rid of the isotope analyzer the better. Holding onto it just means your testing times will get longer and longer. If you switch, you still have to pay for isotope disposal costs, but it will be the last time you have to do that.

The biggest hurdle, especially if you charge by the hour, is the upfront cost. It might take some time to pay off the device, especially if you don’t use it every day; however, the X-550 Pb is a much better investment than an isotope device. You have flexibility in the jobs you can do. Since there’s no isotope, you can take it wherever you want to go whenever you want. What’s more, the device never loses speed, so you don’t lose productivity over time. One of the biggest headaches with isotope analyzers is that they get slower over time, with the isotope decaying while the analyzer sits in the case waiting to be used. That’s another worry you DO NOT have with the X-550 Pb analyzer. As a matter of fact, the X-ray tube has a five-year guarantee. So, once you get past that upfront purchase price, you’re not going to have any significant operating costs. Use it as much as you want and see how the X-550 Pb opens up a world of testing and opportunities with very little hassle.

Suggestions for first-time users

Rentals and travel are easier

Training & licensing: No radioactive source

The future of X-ray vs. isotope

Go from test to report faster than ever

We knew when we designed the X-550 Pb that we had to get you from the testing to the final report as fast as possible because that’s what you use to bill your customers. We built the analyzer on the Android platform so it’s open source. You can quickly and easily manipulate the spreadsheet for your needs and generate reports right from the analyzer.

  • Enter test info/data quickly through a series of drop-down menus
  • Export to a spreadsheet template or manipulate the spreadsheet:
  • Add or delete fields
  • Change the order of the fields
  • Add graphics or your logo to the report
  • Add a description of the job.

The analyzer also has Wi-Fi, USB, and Bluetooth, so you can perform your testing and then sit in your car or in a place you have internet access and generate your report before you go to your next job.

See for yourself

Check out our full lead paint playlist over on YouTube, click on the video below to start the series, or contact us for demo today and we'll answer all your questions about SciAps X-550 Pb lead paint analyzer.

Save money, complete inspections faster, and expand your opportunities.

SciAps state-of-the-art X-ray tube and detector technology is a much better investment than an isotope system. With lower expenses, fewer management headaches, and faster results, it really opens up the world of testing.

  • Do as much testing as you want with no degradation in 2-6 second testing times. Use Quick Mode preferred for PCS types of testing, and Timed Mode for industrial lead paint testing.
  • Travel wherever you like with very little hassle.
  • A perfect HUD/EPA PCS, with no substrate corrections and no inconclusive tests at three action levels, even as low as 0.5 mg/cm² (Rh anode). Eliminates the need for laboratory analysis with direct results on site.

What else? Go from lead paint inspection to final report as fast as possible.

Consultants can create detailed reports that show where the lead-based paint was found and provide recommendations all from the X-550 Pb. Easy, flexible, efficient report templates are keyed to your needs.

  • SciAps X-550 Pb was designed to let you enter information quickly through a series of drop-down menus on the familiar Android platform.
  • Export to spreadsheet or design your own report from a template that we provide. Choose relevant data fields, add company graphics, and more.
  • Wi-Fi, USB, and Bluetooth mean you can inspect, generate, and share reports from anywhere.

There's more—includes EPA Priority Pollutant and RCRA metals.

The X-550 Pb is available with either a rhodium X-ray tube anode or gold X-ray tube anode, depending on whether operators also want to perform environmental testing for EPA Priority Pollutant and RCRA metals, or alloy or mining materials analysis.

SciAps X-550 Pb
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