SciAps Debuts Next Generation XRF Gun

November 11, 2019

SciAps sets a new performance standard for handheld XRF. Weighing 2.8 lbs. (1.3 kg) with battery, the X-550 is the lightest, fastest, most articulate X-ray analyzer ever made. This next generation X-ray gun delivers blazing speed and high precision in a perfectly balanced device with a narrow footprint that permits total access to virtually any test location. Software supports both custom calibrations and Android apps pre-configured for recommended test times and X-ray beam settings to assure quality testing by every operator. The on-board macro camera allows for photo-documentation of materials tested, and the Bluetooth label printer provides instant hard copy labels.

Alloys: The narrow design supports NDT and PMI users who must access hard-to-reach test locations and welds, while supporting key alloy applications such as low silicon (Si) for sulfidic corrosion, residual elements (API 751) and API 5L alloy chemistry requirements. For many alloy analysis applications, fast tests are sufficient. Others, such as aluminum alloys, low P, S and Si in steels require longer test times or multi-beam operations (one for transition metals; the other for low atomic number elements Mg, Si, Al, P and S).

Mining: The X-550 has the fastest possible analysis on low atomic number elements in ore/soil samples, including Mg, P, S, Al, Si, Ca and K. The Mining app, designed for bulk analysis of all geological materials, utilizes an advanced algorithm to correct for matrix effects and provide the most accurate results possible. Users can further fine tune their results by utilizing the Derivative and Site Cal features, which allow for simple, site specific calibration corrections.

Environmental Soil: The X-550 can be equipped with elemental analysis of environmental soils. The analysis package includes the 8 RCRA metals and 11 of the 12 EPA priority pollutant metals (excepting beryllium – use our Z-200 LIBS for that). The X-550 complies with the long-standing EPA Method 6200. The Soil app uses three different tube conditions to achieve the highest levelof sensitivity for elements P through U. Calibrated primarily for low-density matrix types, the Soil app can also be applied on rocks, pulps, and even liquids.

General Analytical: The X-550 can be equipped with our Empirical App, allowing the user to set up unique beam conditions, define specific elements of interest, and create custom calibrations. For analytical requirements outside the realm of alloys, ores, and polymers, the X-550 plus Empirical App offers complete flexibility for unique or proprietary analytical requirements.

Scrap processing: Sort all Al alloys in 1-2 seconds, analyze for tramp elements, or economically upgrade copper and ferrous material based on low P and S levels. Like most XRFs for the scrap processing industry, the X-550 provides fast, precise chemistry on the wide array of high temperature alloys, stainless, red metals and precious metals. What’s different is the toughness of this lightweight, metal-framed analyzer. Use it for sorting all day long without fatigue.

Sciaps One Box LIBS and XRF Technologies

Other SciAps XRF models are still available for those industries that don’t need the special design and ergonomics for tighter spaces. And if key elements include carbon, beryllium, boron or lithium, then the One Box with the SciAps Z (LIBS) and X-550 (X-ray) offers a complete package. SciAps is a fast growing, Boston-based handheld analytical instruments company.  Founded in 2013 by industry experts, the company continues to double in size every year and continues to innovate core handheld technologies for in-field measurements of elements, chemicals and minerals. SciAps is a proud sponsor of the Wounded Warrior Project as well as a leading NASCAR sponsor.

X-550 for NDT-PMI

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