SciAps & detectORE The Future of In-field Gold Analysis

February 5, 2023

The detectORE App provides highly optimized calibrations for low-level gold analysis anywhere, and it's now available with the best handheld analyzer ever made, the SciAps X-505.

SciAps X-505 handheld XRF with detectORE™ App

Data from samples representing a wide variety of gold deposits show an impressive correlation between the detectORE method run on the X-505 and fire assay, from 8.6ppm all the way down to 44ppb. Historically, pXRF has achieved a best-case limit of detection for Au around 1-2ppm but struggled with spectral interferences from elements like Zn, As, W which could decrease accuracy and cause false detections. The detectORE method lowers the detection limit to 20ppb while virtually eliminating the spectral interferences.

SciAps XRF pairs with Portable PPB

After several years of working with Portable PPB, SciAps, Inc. is now pleased to offer a fully integrated solution for our clients. SciAps X-505 has been optimized to meet Portable PPB's stringent requirements, and now has their endorsement to use their unique detectORE™ technique. SciAps is committed to continuing development to further enhance the pXRF capabilities related to this powerful new approach to low-level gold analysis. detectORE™ is a World First technique exclusive to Portable PPB Pty Ltd for enabling low-level gold analysis from anywhere using the patented detectORE™ Widget, proprietary software and fully optimized portable XRF linked to their pLIMS™ software with full QAQC and tracking. It is a system and a process. The system involves the sample preparation, sample processing and use of a pXRF to obtain lowlevel gold results in the field. It is a process, that enables rapid progress through “reactive sampling” whereby the explorer can change the sample spacing as results come to hand on a daily basis. This helps to quickly define and delineate gold anomalies across a range of sample media, which enables explorers to Explore Smarter and Discover Faster™. Low-level gold by using the SciAps X-505 pXRF is now fully optimized to the patented detectORE™. This provides geologists the ability to detect gold in samples, anywhere, down to low ppb concentrations, whilst not affecting the ability to also collect conventional multi-element results via conventional pXRF processes. Together, transforming the way you explore, define and mine gold. The SciAps X-505 pXRF offers the only way to find economically viable gold concentrations in the field.

Click here to download the X-505 detectORE Spec Sheet! 

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