SciAps hLIBS is top five finalist for PPIM Innovation Award

January 29, 2022

True portability for carbon analysis

1. Total access

Elevated work platforms? Excavated ditches? All locations are now much safer for the operator to perform analysis with no tanks, regulators, or hoses.

2. Operates <5 lbs.

SciAps has produced the world's first handheld laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) analyzer for analyzing carbon, without sacrificing accuracy or repeatability. Weighing less than five pounds with integrated argon and battery, it's truly portable.

3. Full compliance

Meet ever-changing, stringent regulations, regardless of size, location, or geometry of the asset. Optimized for pipeline—no guessing in-field analysis.

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Why did PPIM name SciAps LIBS a finalist for Innovation of the Year?

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Q: Why is this product significant?

True portability in a handheld carbon analyzer makes hard-to-access areas such as elevated work platforms or excavated in-ditch analysis much safer for the operator to perform analysis without sacrificing accuracy and repeatability. Optimized with our pipeline calibration, SciAps LIBS allows users to confirm or reconfirm material properties for untraceable assets. Operators can incorporate SciAps LIBS into their integrity management program (IMP) to meet PHMSA Mega Rule directives.

Q: How is it different from what already exists?

Applying recent advances in laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy, SciAps was the first company to develop a true handheld carbon analyzer capable of measuring carbon in the field for material identification and grading of materials. Previously, operators relied on OES instruments that vary in size, but typically weigh upwards of 45 to 60 lbs. and require an argon tank that could also weigh an additional 20 lbs. Because of the size and weight, the system is transported on a wheeled cart for mobility. The handheld LIBS analyzer still needs argon to analyze carbon, but, instead of an external argon bottle, regulator, and hose connection, the LIBS analyzer uses a consumable argon cartridge integrated within the instrument. The analyzer weighs less than 5 lbs., with argon and battery. No need for wheels.

Q: How will it benefit the industry?The true portability of SciAps LIBS analyzers allows operators to analyze materials regardless of size, location, or geometry of the asset. SciAps LIBS analyzers are optimized for accuracy, portability, and safety, giving the user the confidence to accurately analyze their material in a handheld form factor to meet the ever-changing, stringent requirements of regulations that asset owners face every day.

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