SciAps is giving away alloy analyzers at ISRI golf outings

May 11, 2023

What’s better about X-550?

Permanently end your aluminum mix-ups.

SciAps X-550 is the only X-ray gun that’s as good on aluminum as it is on high temps, stainless and turnings.

Tube or detector replacements are less than half the competition. At SciAps, we view service as a loyalty program, not a profit center. Meet the best X-ray gun ever made for scrap metal sorting. At 2.98 lbs. with battery, SciAps X-550 is the lightest weight analyzer ever created, in a mostly metal frame for ultimate durability and duty cycle. Perfectly balanced and lightning fast – as in 1-2 seconds – you can sort material all day long without fatigue. The slender form factor accesses the toughest test locations, with the latest 2.7″ (68.6mm) display for rear viewing of grade and chemistry in all lighting conditions. Download the X-550 Specifications.

SciAps is giving away premier X-550 XRF alloy analyzers

Don't miss your chance at a SciAps-sponsored golf event. At designated events, score a hole-in-one, and win a brand new SciAps X-ray gun! Or get closest-to-the-pin, and win 4 pit passes to a NASCAR Xfinity series race!

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