SciAps Partners with Allied BioScience in fight against COVID-19

October 22, 2020

Woburn, Mass., October 20, 2020 — SciAps is pleased to announce its partnership with biotech firm Allied BioScience of Dallas, TX. Allied BioScience developed SurfaceWise2, the world’s first and only EPA-approved surface coating provides continuous protection against viruses and bacteria on surfaces, including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. The SciAps handheld XRF device (model X-505) is used to examine the amount of coating present on surfaces and to give clients confidence that the coating is still present and active. The XRF operates by measuring uniquely bonded elements found in the formulation to determine coating presence on a surface. Allied BioScience and their clients chose the SciAps XRF analyzer to monitor surface coatings for multiple reasons. First, SciAps created a dedicated app on their Android-driven analyzer that simplified device operation to a pass/fail notification to the operator. SciAps is also offering a cloud-based data management program that allows remote, real-time monitoring of coatings data globally as well as predictive capability to determine re-application time frame estimates. The SciAps X-505 is also the smallest, lightest weight handheld XRF scanner ever developed.The EPA approved the use of the product by American Airlines and Total Orthopedics Sport and Spine under an emergency waiver submitted by the Texas Department of Agriculture. The company is working closely with the EPA as well as state agencies to expand approval for broader use as the company continues to fight COVID-19.

About Allied BioScience Allied BioScience is a disruptive biotechnology company dedicated to saving lives and livelihoods through revolutionary science and focuses on developing innovative solutions to create cleaner human environments through long-lasting, always-on antimicrobial coatings. SurfaceWise2 TM is the first-of-its-kind long-lasting product approved by the EPA to help fight the spread of the novel coronavirus. This continuously-active surface coating is applied electrostatically to provide always-on protection on treated surfaces. Visit for more information.

About SciAps SciAps, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of handheld XRF and LIBS analyzers for multiple industries. Their flagship Z Series LIBS (laser induced breakdown spectroscopy) analyzer is the world’s only handheld analyzer that measures carbon in steels and stainless. The device also analyzes many other alloys and elements. In the mineral world, the device offers in-field, instant analysis of lithium concentrations in geochemical samples in order to increase the efficiency of lithium exploration and mining – critical as the demand for lithium batteries accelerates in the “green economy.” Recently, SciAps introduced a new family of XRF analyzers, the X-550 and X-505, which are the smallest, lightest weight and fastest XRF analyzers ever made. The company is headquartered just outside of Boston, Mass., and offers sales, service and support globally.

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