SciAps Partners with Scrap University

February 9, 2024

Join us as SciAps dives into the fast lane with Scrap University to revolutionize speed, accuracy, and understanding of recycled materials analysis.

Catch Ellie from the children's book, The Girl Who Recycled 1 Million Cans, zoom around Daytona International Speedway on Saturday, February 17th! CJ McLaughlin is teaming up with Scrap University Kids to spread the message that ALL metal can be recycled!

Improve your scrap sorting game with the speed and precision of the SciAps X-550, the fastest scrap sorter on the market!
“Knowing the difference between alloys can make or break the profitability at a scrap metal recycling facility. I remember testing stainless steel with a solution that would turn red when it detects molybdenum (Mo 42), which is the element found in 316. It would take about a week to sort through a load of stainless,” says Brad Rudover, Co-founder of Scrap University. “SciAps Inc. has since perfected the handheld analyzer with their X-550. Not only is it accurate but about as fast as CJ McLaughlin when he's ripping around the NASCAR track! Please do yourself a favor and reach out to him or SciAps to test drive the X-550 today."

Buy a SciAps XRF analyzer and get $5000 worth of credit to a Scrap University course.

This special will go beyond the Daytona race so contact us for a demo today! 

SciAps is giving away 2 pit passes to the race of your choice with the purchase of 100 copies of The Girl Who Recycled 1 Million Cans!
“Buy those books because there's few experiences like being in the pits at a NASCAR race,” says Don Sackett, SciAps Co-founder and CEO. “Thank you, Scrap University Kids, for letting us promote your recycling programs on our car.”

Get your books and passes here.

Everybody wins with SciAps!

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