SciAps premium XRF passes 275 lbs. Oops Test

October 1, 2020

Some companies do drop tests on their analyzers. We just so happened to discover an "oops test" with ours. How many analyzers do you know would continue working after a 275 lb. weight dropped on it? Only the SciAps X-550 is this durable! Despite the broken plastic, the operator was able to finish the job. Now that's a great design! The X-550 still worked great, passed alloy QC, and was good as new after repairs that ran about $300 with our amazing service department. No need to worry about the "Curly" in your company with SciAps analyzers!

X-550: The Ultimate X-ray Gun


Quality data for fast decisions. Now available for exploration and ore grade control applications. The benefit of the X-550 for geochemistry is fastest possible analysis on low atomic number elements in ore/soil samples including Mg, P, S, Al, Si, Ca and K. Contact us for details about our exploration apps for elemental analysis and pathfinder elements. SciAps XRF analyzers are utilized worldwide by many major exploration companies and mining laboratory services companies.  Also available with compact test stand for closed-beam operation. Read X-550 Geochemistry Specifications.

Alloy Analysis

Made for tight spaces. Delivers PMI for most alloys in 1 second with excellent precision. Our Android apps-based platform provides pre-configured, dedicated apps to make quality testing by every operator as easy as using a smartphone—including apps for residuals (API 751), sulfidic corrosion (API 939), API 5L and other testing. Read X-550 Alloy Specifications. Designed for NDT, PMI users to access hard-to-reach test locations and welds, the narrow footprint permits total access. Perfectly balanced, light weight, and articulate, so you can test all day long without fatigue.

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