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September 23, 2022
Get SciAps field experts on site for each session, use breakthrough XRF and LIBS analyzers

SciAps breakthrough LIBS technology is now widely accepted for carbon testing. It’s included in API 578 3rd Edition, accepted at most every major refinery, and in use worldwide by fabricators, pipeline owner/operators, NDT service providers, power plants and other users of carbon steels and L- and H-grade stainless.

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Analytical Training Consultants looks forward to having you in the API 578 PMI Training courses for 2024.

This 2-day course will be taught on API RP 578 4th Edition Material Verification Program for New and Existing Assets.

Hands-on training will be using the newest generation of handheld XRF & LIBS carbon analyzers from our course sponsor SciAps, Inc. www.sciaps.com

Each student receiving a passing grade of 80% minimum will be given a certificate of completion demonstrating educational achievement valid for 3 years.


**New for 2023:

  • ATC will award 1.60 CEU credits/16.0 CPD hours for each 2-day API 578 course under API’s requirements.
  • ATC is recognized as the Preferred Training Provider for API-U/API 578 PMI Training

Advanced courses:

  • API 751 – HF Alky Residual Elements using XRF/LIBS
  • API 939C – Sulfidation Corrosion using XRF/LIBS
  • PHMSA Pipeline Chemistry API 5L using XRF/LIBS


Who should take this course?

General inspectors, API 510/570 inspector, NDT technicians, service providers, warehouse personnel, pipeline inspectors, rope access technicians, machine shops, piping & vessel fabricators, source inspectors, QA/QC personnel, or any aspiring NDE technician.


Course Training Topics:

General - Statistical Terminology, Acronyms, Definitions, Marking, Color Coding, Reporting

Method - XRF Technology, LIBS Technology, OES Technology, Radiation Safety

Chemistry - Stainless Steels, Carbon & Low Alloy Steels, Common Equivalents (plate, cast, weld..)

Applications - PHMSA Mega Rule API 5L Chemistry, Carbon Equivalency (CE), Micro-alloys

Applications - HF Alkylation Residual Elements API 751, Sulfidation Corrosion Low Silicon API 939C

Weld Metal - PMI Testing of Welds, Weld Metal Chemistry, Weld Dilution Theory


Registration available online at Register - Analytical Training Consultants (atc578.com)

About the instructor Instructors - Analytical Training Consultants (atc578.com)

API-U Link https://www.api.org/products-and-services/training/calendar/2022/10-19-22-578-atc#tab-summary

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