SciAps X-5 for Precious Metals

May 26, 2022


Next-generation precious metals analysis at a high-value price point

Woburn, Mass.— SciAps, Inc., is pleased to release the newest handheld XRF analyzer, SciAps X-5, optimized for non-destructive testing of gold and silver materials and other precious metals.

SciAps X-5 features the industry’s latest hardware and software at a high-value price point. SciAps powerful, miniaturized X-ray tube, combined with highly advanced internal geometry, yields fast, precise results, delivering Au, Ag, Pt, and Pd concentrations in seconds. Valuable metals are now even more profitable.

In addition, SciAps has developed a new test station for the X-5 to analyze small pieces in benchtop mode. With a glass window on top, buyer and seller can confirm that the sample is being tested and see the results.

Two integrated cameras are on board the X-5 as well: The micro camera can be used for easily aligning small samples or small components like rings and chains for analysis; the macro camera can acquire full sample images to save with reports for recordkeeping or sharing with customers.

The X-5 is a classic model totally re-engineered with a cost-effective SDD detector. It delivers highest accuracy within the price range of the lower end XRF systems. X-5 is now equipped with more features for many applications at a great value: accurate alloy chemistry, platings alert software, and precise karat classification (certify karat content on the spot, 0 - 24 K). Be absolutely sure of the value of the precious metals you buy and sell with one non-destructive, non-intrusive test.

Standard element package: The X-5 includes the same advanced X-ray tube as other SciAps X Series models (operating at 40 kV max.) for testing including Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Ir, Pt, Au, Pb, Bi, Zr, Mo, Ru, Rh, Pd, Ag, Cd, Sn, and Sb. More elements can be added upon request.

Android and data management: Built on Android OS with the feel of a smart phone and results easily viewed on a vibrant display, on-board Wi-Fi and USB mean that users can print and email from the X-5 and connect to virtually any information system for real-time data.

SciAps, Inc., is a Boston-based instrumentation company specializing in handheld portable analytical instruments to measure any element, any place on the planet. Their industry-leading X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and laser-based (LIBS) analyzers are at work across every major industry, including oil/gas, metals and mining, aerospace, battery, and strategic metals (lithium, rare-earth elements), scrap metal recycling, chemical and petrochemical, military, forensics, and law enforcement. SciAps instruments are configured to measure elements in all types of materials, so applications are always expanding, recently including space research, pandemic anti-viral coatings, agriculture, and environmental contaminants.

  • Premium X-ray hardware and up-to-date software for reliable handling
  • Optimal performance on precious metals like Au, Ag, Pt and Pd
  • Features and applications designed with the customer in mind

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