SciAps XRF and LIBS Serving Every Industry

January 23, 2020

SciAps handheld LIBS and handheld XRF are working around the world, serving every industry.

Field Research

handheld XRF classroom demo

Measuring lead in water with XRF at Notre Dame University

Identifying conflict minerals with LIBS in New Mexico

handheld LIBS applied to rock sample

Elemental analysis with LIBS at Western University

Mineral Exploration

Minerals cover image

LIBS for field exploration from MacLellan deposit, Manitoba

LIBS analyzes lithium in the Congo and Mexico

Where's the Gold?   Elemental Deportment Mapping using handheld LIBS.

LIBS optimizes recovery in gold mines

Manufacturing, Recycling & Soil Health

True Demo Stories, Episode 3: stainless steel samples

LIBS improves manufacturing tests in Japan

XRF revolutionizes fast scrap processing

Approximate soil sample source locations across the U.S. and Canada

LIBS innovates rapid in-field measurement of organic carbon in soils

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