spark OES v LIBS

August 22, 2023

Are you ready to make the switch?

After 24 years at Hitachi, Frank Theuws has joined SciAps Dach. His experience with spark OES has made his perspective with the OES v LIBS debate invaluable. SciAps NextGen analyzers are taking carbon and materials analysis to the next level. Check out the Z-902 Carbon analyzer and call for a demo. Make the switch today. Because true portability doesn't come with wheels.

Frank recently shared his thanks and experience with SciAps LIBS: "First of all, I like to thank you very much for the kind words and congratulations given to my new role here at SciAps Inc. DACH. I appreciate this.

"During recent days, I am frequently contacted for catch up discussions and almost each conversation contains a similar question: 'How does Carbon perform with LIBS?'

As usual, what I always do in #OES, I run a CRM sample and see, how the results of Z-902 Carbon are corresponding with the certificated values. The obtained results are very impressive, I can say....Having now this evidence, I am convinced the SciAps Z-902 Carbon is ready to open doors into defined markets, where the common understanding still exists, that only mobile spark OES (mOES) will be the right tool.
Contact us for a demo so you can compare SciAps LIBS to spark OES as well.

In 2019, an in-field comparison of LIBS vs. spark OES study showed SciAps LIBS is up to 3X faster for pipeline materials analysis. Read the post here.

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