Targeted Micro Analysis (TMA) using Handheld LIBS

May 11, 2023

The SciAps Z-900 Series offers unique capabilities that no other handheld instrument can offer. One key advantage of the SciAps Z-900 Series LIBS is the ability to perform Targeted Micro Analysis (TMA). TMA offers the ultimate quality control tool for various forms of screening in all industries. The ability to focus on a 100-microndiameter spot size while only analyzing microns into the sample surface allows the analyzer to obtain unique answers. The combination of high-resolution spectrometers and low detection limits for light elements makes the SciAps LIBS analyzer a crucial tool, as it can detect even trace amounts of most elements with the added benefit of portability and rapid analysis.

The patented argon delivery system and specially designed optics permit analysis of unique  shapes and sizes that everyday samples come in. The analysis provided through TMA allows for screening of samples that would otherwise need to be tested through SEM or OES analysis. With very little sample preparation, answers can be obtained in a matter of seconds instead of days.

SciAps TMA provides answers that have never been available before such as L-grade analysis of wires, surface contamination elemental analysis, inclusion quantitative analysis, coating quantitative analysis, 2D surface mapping, and qualitative analysis of unknown materials.

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