TechBullion interviews Don Sackett about innovative lithium brines analyzer

April 4, 2023

TechBullion, a London Based Financial Technology News Website, focusing on Global Fintech News and Market, interviewed SciAps CEO and Cofounder, Don Sackett about the first, portable, LIBS-powered lithium brines analyzer, the Z-9 Liquidator.

Don explains how the Z-9 and the Z-903 work together to make testing outcrops, cores, pressed pellets, etc. simple for scientists. The Z-9can measure lithium content (and companion elements B, Mg, Na, K, and Ca) in brines down to 2-3 ppm.

The technology was developed to meet the global net-zero automobile emissions targets by 2050, which will require the world to produce 7-10times annually the amount of lithium currently produced. Brines offer a source of lithium that does not require the development of a new mine for hard rock production. Before the Z-9, the only option for lithium analysis in brines is to send samples to laboratories for ICP analysis, a process which may require several weeks, making rapid decision making at the point of production impossible.

The article answers questions about method and success stories with the Z-9, opportunities for investment, and other analyzers being developed for exploration, mining, refining, fabricating, and recycling for escalating global demands.

Read the whole article: “SciAps Announce First Portable LIBS-powered Lithium Brines Analyzer: Interview with Don Sackett, CEO of SciAps


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