SciAps Test Station for lab, field, and field-lab

March 21, 2021
Use it in field, or bring it to the bench

The XRF Test Station is designed for reliability, durability and safety, complete with interlocked lid for your protection and a super stable base to keep your samples positioned correctly regardless of what’s going on around you. Integrated fans to keep the analyzer cool even at the most extreme duty cycles and environments. For lab and field-lab environments, the X-500 series mounted on the Test Station can be operated through Profile Builder software for PC and tablet to create a benchtop analyzer, allowing you to crank through hundreds or even thousands of samples a day.

 Profile Builder Software: Tune and customize your laser and X-ray calibrations to local geochemistry with Profile Builder. SciAps software for PC and tablet is loaded with common industry certified reference materials (CRMs with assays) and users may add more. View calibration curves, generate new ones, build highly customized models for your own elements of interest. Overlay and compare mineral spectra and more. Schedule an online demo to discuss your application with our geoscience and product specialists.

Use SciAps handheld apps

Need geochemistry? Discover sophisticated tools with the power to create advanced geochemistry analytical methods. Whether you need traditional bulk sample analysis of major and trace elements or detailed microanalysis, SciAps analyzers get the job done. Discover powerful and cost-effective new techniques to use in the field. Mining and exploration technology is fast evolving and SciAps instruments are the forefront.

LIBS (laser)

Geochem: Use our factory-built calibrations or build your own matrix-matched calibrations for quantitative analysis of prepared samples. See how it’s been done for Total Organic Carbon in Soil and Lithium in Brines.

Geochem Pro: Take advantage of the 100 um analysis spot and XY raster capabilities to build element distribution maps of your sample in less than 1 minute per analysis. These maps allow you to quickly and easily visualize the changes in chemistry around veins, inclusions and mineral boundaries. See how elemental deportment mapping with Geochem Pro revealed Where’s the Gold.


Mining: Designed for bulk analysis of all kinds of geological materials, the Mining app utilizes an advanced algorithm to correct for matrix effects and provide the most accurate results possible. Users can further fine tune their results by utilizing the Derivative and Site Cal features which allow for simple, site specific calibration corrections. Talk to us about our 50 kV option for improved performance on REEs and gold pathfinders.

Soil: The Soil app uses three different tube conditions to achieve the highest level of sensitivity for elements P–U. The Soil app is calibrated primarily for low-density matrix types like soil, but can be applied on all kinds of materials including rocks, pulps and even liquids. Ideal for environmental testing and screening of things like RCRA metals and other hazardous elements.

Focus on Geochemistry with X-550

Meet the brand-new X-550. Light weight, with fast testing, means you can use the analyzer all day long without fatigue and process more samples than ever.

Perfect for long days in the field, the SciAps X-550 sets a new performance standard for handheld XRF. It’s the lightest, fastest, most articulate X-ray gun ever made — 2.8 lbs. including battery — and delivers the small size, blazing speed and high precision of the SciAps X Series in a perfectly balanced device.

The X-550 features a powerful, miniaturized X-ray tube designed to excel at measuring low atomic number elements Si, P, S, Mg and Al. Need optimal performance on rare earth elements or gold pathfinders like Ag or Sb? The X-550 has an optional 50 kV Mining calibration for even better LODs on these heavier elements. This X-ray tube combined with highly optimal internal geometry yields fast, precise results even on the hardest elements to measure with handheld XRF. Low weight, with fast testing means you can use the analyzer all day long without fatigue and process more samples than ever.

  • Premium x-ray hardware for fast, precise results
  • Optimal performance on light elements like Mg, Al, Si, P, S
  • Powerful 50 kV x-ray tube to measure rare earth elements or gold pathfinders

Download SciAps geochemistry ApNotes and product brochures

X-550 for Geochemistry Spec Sheet

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Lithium Analysis In Geological Materials Using HH LIBS

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